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Ten Years!

Posted: October 4, 2008 by Kendricke in Guilds
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On October 4, 1998, I founded the Legion of the White Rose as an online gaming guild for the MARI Telecom turn based strategy game “Archmage: Reincarnation from the Hell”.  It was a free to play Korean based game which picked up a massive (for its time) playerbase that numbered well into the tens of thousands (I believe there were 30,000 of us playing at one point). 

It’s been ten years to the day that I founded my guild.  During that time, we’ve founded 8 different chapters across six different games, maintained a mailing list which held over 500 addressees and had archived over 14,000 emails before we shut it down 3 years ago, and have seen more than 2,000 members fly our flag in various games. 

Currently, we hold two official chapters and a couple of casual chapters across four different games.  Our flagship chapter is our Regal Chapter, currently on the Guk server of Everquest II, while our Imperial Chapter calls the White Tower server of Warhammer Online home. 

With online gaming so relatively young, it’s very, very rare that we see guilds which are even 5 years old.  I can count on my fingers how many guilds I know of that have reached 10 years old or older…across all games.  I’m proud that I can now count one more.

Happy birthday, Legion.  I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store.


Have you ever used any variation on the expression, “If it wasn’t for my guild, I wouldn’t still/even be playing this game”?  Have you ever considered buying a new game just because one of your guildmates or officers mentioned they were going to play it?  Have you ever moved from one game to another, just to keep up with your guildmates?

Over the weekend, I was able to get into a couple of very good conversations with some old friends regarding the influence of guilds.  A few of these friends mentioned that their entire guilds were looking to try out Age of Conan, or that they’re looking to wait for Warhammer Online.  A few even mentioned that even though they weren’t currently interested in their current game, they keep logging in because they feel their guilds “needs them”.

What about you?  How important is your guild to your nightly gameplay?  If your guild switched games, would that affect your decision to keep playing the game you’re in now?  Would you be likely to move with your guild?  Even if you weren’t necessarily interested in the game they were moving to?

Our Question of the Week of May 12, 2008 is this:  In regards to your gameplay choices, how influential IS your guild?

We look forward to hearing your answers.