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Station Cash: Initial Functionality Overview

Posted: December 9, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2

Well, Station Cash is live now.  So, while SOE scrambles to put together a press release on the subject, I’ll be happy to fill you in on what’s live in-game right now. 

First off, I accessed Station Cash through the new “marketplace” option in the main “EQ2” menu.  Once in, I’m shown that my in-game wallet has 150SC points already.  There are several items up for sale already, ranging from 100SC to 1000SC.  The items are, as follows:

  • Flask of Achievements I -100SC
  • Flask of Adventuring I – 100SC
  • Flask of Tradecrafting I – 100SC
  • Slimy (housepet) – 100SC
  • Flask of Achievements II -300SC
  • Flask of Adventuring II – 300SC
  • Flask of Tradecrafting II – 300SC
  • Grunting Warrior (housepet) -300SC
  • Knight of Shadow’s End (fluff pet) – 400SC
  • Handy Servant (housepet) – 500SC
  • Zhog, Ghoz’s Little Brother (fluff pet) – 700SC
  • Flask of Achievements III -1000SC
  • Flask of Adventuring III – 1000SC
  • Flask of Tradecrafting III – 1000SC
  • Seafury Buccaneer Armor Crate (full set of fluff armor) – 1000SC
  • Tunarian Alliance Armor Crate (full set of fluff armor) – 1000SC

The potions are all experience bonus potions.  The Tier I and II potions last for 4 hours, while the Tier III lasts for 2 hours.  The Tier I give 10% bonus, the Tier II give 25% bonus, while the Tier III give 50%. 

While in the Marketplace window, you have the option to add funds to your wallet.  Choosing that option lets me know that I don’t currently have a payment source selected for my account (which leads me to believe that entering my credit card information might be a one time action).  After entering my information, I close the in-game browser which opened and close the marketplace window.  Upon re-opening the window, I’m now able to make purchases to add points to my wallet. 

As suspected, each point is worth $.01.  Adding $10.00 would give you 1000SC, for example.  To test the system out, I buy 500SC for 5 bucks (the smallest amount possible).  The transaction requires my credit card’s security code, which I key in, and the transaction completes instantly.  In my wallet, I now see 650SC (the 500 I just purchased, plus the initial 150 free points I started with).  I decided to go with an Achievements potion since I’m working on that today in-game, so I choose the Flask of Achievements II for 300SC.  The transaction takes a couple of seconds to process, but when it’s done, I have 350SC left in my wallet, and a brand new achievements potion already in my inventory.

So, there you have it.  Whether or not you agree with the system, it’s at least fairly easy to use and the functionality works exactly as expected.