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Has it really been three years already?

Posted: May 14, 2015 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I brushed off the dust in here, I guess.  I’ve been working, of course.  Since my last post, I spent a couple of years at KIXEYE, then a year at Kabam.  I’m now in the process of lining up the next big thing.

In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the time to catch up on my games backlog.  I’m watching shows I missed out on.  I’m learning coding (starting with Javascript, actually).  I’m also enjoying a second paternity leave with the newest addition to my family.

I used to spend a lot of time here talking about the games I played and my guild – particularly the challenges that guildmasters face on a daily basis.  Lately, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing Mechwarrior Online and even Megamek/MHQ.  I guess this makes sense considering how much Battletech got me into gaming to begin with.

I’ve also been playing in the betas for World of Warships and Heroes of the Storm (and yeah, both are very fun, but in completely different ways).  Other games on the list right now include Civilization V (I’ve played an embarassingly large amount of time in Civ), Mordheim, Darkest Dungeon, and several board games (Sentinels of the Multiverse and Munchkin rule our BBQs).

Right now, the goal is to get back into the habit of writing.  Subjects I feel like exploring will likely be more related to production of games, rather than playing games.  I can imagine a few folks have ideas about what they think it’s like on this end of the table and I’d love to correct most of the myths and misperceptions.


Are You Tired of Games that Are Fun?

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

Guild LFM

Posted: July 10, 2009 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

If you’re interested in trying out a different kind of guild experience, let me know.  On Guk server in Everquest II, the Legion is currently recruiting both casual and more serious players.  Anyone who’s read this site for any amount of time understands that we try to balance time limitations with a more dedicated internal raid force.  If it sounds like something you’d be interested in trying out, let me know.

Own Your Own PipBoy

Posted: March 15, 2009 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

After playing Fallout 3 for the eleventy hundreth hour and watching the umpteenth rerun of the Futurama episode where Leela meets her parents, don’t you find yourself wishing you could own your own personal forearm computer? 

The Zypad WR1100

The Zypad WR1100

Escape from City 17

Posted: February 16, 2009 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

Ever seen a short film that was so good it made you reinstall a game and play?

Station Cash now in SOE Knowlege Base

Posted: December 9, 2008 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

Station Cash Screenshots

Searching the SOE Knowledge Base for the keywords “Station Cash” now turns up the following articles:

A Short Perspective from the Grey

Posted: April 29, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Uncategorized
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My guild is serious about our raiding. My guild is typically considered to be fairly casual by other guilds.

To many of you, those two statements seem to be completely contradictory to each other.

To those of you who consider yourselves a bit more hardcore, it may be hard to fathom how a guild which doesn’t maintain strict attendance requirements, with an active membership of nearly 60 members (outright “bloated” by many raid guild standards), who only raids three nights a week (for only three hours at a time) and who isn’t even to third tier of T8 raiding could possibly even think to consider themselves “serious” as raiders.

Yet, to other players who may not be quite as involved as we are, the thought of a guild which tracks raid points and holds bids for loot, who raids three nights a week (for a whopping three hours at a time!), who is already in the second tier of T8 raiding, and who maintains a large active roster of nearly 60 members could only be described as “serious” raiders.

Truly, “casual” (and “hardcore”) is in the eye of the beholder.