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I know there have been rumors floating around so I want to make it official:  I’m leaving Bigpoint.  I’ve accepted a great offer from KIXEYE to come onboard as a project manager for an unannounced title. The decision was particularly difficult to make, as I’d also received a competing offer from a studio I very much wanted to work for, and my wife and I simply couldn’t make the numbers work the way we wanted. I’m really going to miss my team on Battlestar Galactica Online and I’d given them nearly a full month’s notice to try to ease the transition. My last day with Bigpoint will be July 31.

I’m really looking forward to the challenges at my new studio.  KIXEYE and Bigpoint exist in the same general universe, but up till now KIXEYE has been much more oriented around Facebook titles while Bigpoint has been pushing platform agnostic browser based games.  I can’t wait till I can talk a bit more about my game, but it’s still got a ways to go in the oven and the team is already growing to help accommodate that.  What I can say is that there is enough similarities in the approach to the design to feel just familiar enough, while the game itself is different than anything I’ve worked on previously.  Should be fun.

Note:  The title refers to KIXEYE’s unorthodox recruiting posters found all over San Francisco: