An Update: From Ohai to Bigpoint

Posted: November 21, 2011 by Kendricke in Bigpoint, Ohai, Out of Character

An Update:

When I last posted, I had taken a position at ohai in San Francisco and was excited about my future and the future of the company.  I was mostly right.  At Ohai, we did launch our game, Unicorn Parade.  It even pulled in a couple of generous articles in the press (like this one).  Shortly after launch, the studio was sold.

I miss the old ohais.  I had a lot of fun working in our studio up on 2nd and Bryant.  I spent several late nights there – not because I was forced to, but because I genuinely loved what I was doing.

And so while one door shuts…another one opens.  So, I’ve been here at Bigpoint San Francisco for the past few months.  I’m the new Project Manager on Battlestar Galactica Online (BSGO).  Instead of just complaining about the things I don’t like, I get to be part of the solution toward making a better game for our players.  In fact, as I write this, I’m in the middle of creating the first part of a concept document for a new system expansion in our game that I hope our designers can work from.  It’s an area of the game that could use some love and I’m pretty excited that we’re able to put some resources into this.

So, as I finally get around to dusting out the cobwebs around here, those of you who somehow manage to check this site out will see a shift toward discussions of BSGO and general development process as opposed to player-side guild dynamics (though I still play and still lead my guild…albeit with a much larger focus on delegation to a great crew of officers these days).

So, here’s hoping I can make put my money where my mouth is and just help put out a better game.  I know the players have high expectations.  It’s interesting to be on this side of the forums, at least.

  1. Glad to hear that you didn’t end up stranded out here. It can be an expensive place to not have a job.

    I keep a lot of mostly dormant sites in my RSS feed just in case they suddenly spring to life. Looking forward to what you have to say.

    • Kendricke says:

      Oh, I wouldn’t have been stranded in any event. Knowing that it was a start-up, I worked half on-site and half-remote from Minnesota. I was actually in Minneapolis when the word came down about the studio closure. That said, I appreciate the sentiment.

      We had a lot of fun at ohai and I got to see how things work from the internal side of the development table rather than working as an external producer remotely (at least part of the time). What I really loved was the start-up mentality: i.e. – if you identify a problem, be prepared to own the solution.

      While working at ohai, my wife and I fell in love with the Bay area and I immediately set out for a new company here in San Francisco. I had a couple of solid leads, but Bigpoint was the one that really put up the best offer for where I’m at right now. Well, that and how could I really turn down a chance to work on a BSG license.

      It’s a challenge, to be sure. Even before I started, I was already aware of a lot of the things I wish were different in the game, so coming onboard in this way gives me an opportunity to help mold the game in some way toward a better experience overall.

      Feel free to drop your own opinions here from time to time. I’ll definitely be sharing what information I can for those of you who did read me for a few years as well as the inevitable BSGO players who find this blog (hello there!).

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