The Server of Greener Pastures

Posted: July 17, 2009 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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Throughout the forums (official or otherwise) players and even guilds have uprooted and moved to the Antonia Bayle server.  Everywhere I turn, a new blogger has packed up a truck and then moved to Bev-er-ly…Bayle that is.

Why not?  Isn’t Antonia Bayle the server where dreams come true?  It’s the virtual land of milk, honey, and perfect roleplaying.  Every street is paved in gold and every LFG is answered within seconds by the nicest group of strangers you’ve ever had to chance to group with.  On Antonia Bayle, levels do not matter because a veritable army of level 80’s stands at the ready just waiting for a call to Mentor your level 12 through Blackburrow.  The channels are filled with the most helpful and thoughtful voices you’ve ever heard – this must be what angels sound like, right.

The reality is that Antonia Bayle is bursting at the seams, apparantly.  Common complaints seem to indicate that server lag of 5-6 seconds is widespread.  That means that it probably took longer for your heal spell to actually start casting after you pressed the button than it did to read this sentence.  Other repeated complaints indicate that entire chunks of guild rosters are being kicked out of the game regularly as Guildhalls crash or take to long to load.  Other players are upset that they’re unable to actually log into the server in the first place.

Me?  I’m back here on Guk with my guildJaye‘s here with her guild, too.  We didn’t follow Cuppycake, Tipa, or Stargrace to those “greener pastures”.  We’re doing just fine where we’re at.  Feel free to come visit us over here on Guk…just not all at once.  We’d prefer it if you kept your dirty lag out of our clean server, thank you very much.


  1. Tipa says:

    LOL 😉 truth is, all my friends have either quit or left the server I’d perhaps mistakenly moved to last year, and I was left alone on a server with no friends. So I stopped playing, as I hate to solo. Staying on Najena would have been admitting I would never play EQ2 again. I left for AB in the hopes I can find some friends with which to spend some time. StarGrace and her friends have different playtimes than I do, so there isn’t a home for me yet. I’m hopeful, though, I can find a place I can play. I still want to be a partof EQ2.

  2. Cuppycake says:

    I’ve never had an ounce of lag on AB, FYI. 🙂

  3. Xeavn says:

    Given a choice between a bit of lag on a very populated server, and no lag at all on an underpopulated server, I am going to go with the lag every time. If a server is lagging there are any number of fixes that the developers can do to help cut back on the lag including upgrading the hardware that the server is running on. If a server is under populated it only gets worse until they merge servers which SoE seems very unwilling to do. (I have to give Warhammer props for being willing to put up with the bad publicity that merging servers causes, in order to provide their players a better experience.)

    • Kendricke says:

      Your statement only allows for two situations, though:
      1. Very populated with just a tiny bit of lag.
      2. Underpopulated with no lag.

      What if the choice were:
      1. Overpopulated server with 5-6 seconds of latency, random kicks to character select, frequent lock-ups on zoning, and consistent zone crashes.
      2. Standard population with no lag or performance issues.

      It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose. We could probably have a great discussion on the concepts of what constitutes a standard population on a server, and what a term such as “underpopulated” even means in a PVE game which is built upon a foundation of mostly instanced content and a high percentage of solo rated quests?


    • Xeavn says:

      In a lot of ways that is my point though. If AB is getting 5 to 6 seconds of lag all the time, that is fairly unplayable, and the devs will likely have to do something to address the issue. If they don’t the whole server will likely keep complaining. Still from what I have read it doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems to be certain zones mostly during peak play times.

      We likely could have a great discussion on what populated versus underpopulated would consist of. In a lot of ways it is tied to a players perception. If players in EQ2 think they are playing on an underpopulated server, then it isn’t too surprising that they are spending the money to jump to a server that they have heard / feel is populated. Sadly for AB, they are the only server that has gained the reputation of being populated. This makes them the mostly likely target for people looking to cure a perceived lack of population.

  4. Mipsi says:

    I’ve played on AB for 4 years now. Lag was awful for weeks 3 or so years ago when they allowed free transfers. That same lag and all associated problems have been back over the last week.

    Last night, after 10pm EST, I could not get over 10fps in a Palace raid. When the raid ended around midnight, I called back to guild hall. It took around 10 minutes and I never materialized in game but showed up on character select screen. Logged out at that point.

    Your 2nd paragraph Kendricke was spot on funny. A slight exaggeration but lots of truth in it too – I’ve read many blogs over the years, I read the forums – people think life on AB is some kind of fantasy world where they will have no difficulty getting groups, joining raid guilds, doing whatever they want and its simply not true. AB is just like any other server with the same issues but probably on a larger scale due to the enhanced population. And now, we have lag and crashes to contend with once again until Sony finds a way to stabilize it due to the player movement from wherever they were to here.

  5. Sisca says:

    Since it seemed like everyone I ran into at Fan Faire was from AB I can see where people got the impression that it’s the place to be. Still, I’m with you Kendricke, I’d rather stay put on Perma with her average population than be lost in the shuffle on AB.

    The only server I’d even consider transferring to would be Test.

  6. Same thing happened when Stromm opening back in 2003 – everything migrated. I think people just want something new to play.

    I loved Stromm. It was so cool to be able to play on an even-level playing field again. I’d totally consider resubbing to EQ just for the nostaliga value if they did another sever like that and limited progression or something.

  7. araxes says:

    AB has been my home since early 2005. The only time I have ever experienced lag anywhere near 5-6 second latency intervals was for about 1 week after Rise of Kunark came out, and specifically in Kylong Plains, where everyone and their granny were trying to do the same 5 quests.

    Truthfully, while I admit it IS a complication — a lot of it has to do with your own hardware – or perhaps I should say that many people throw the word “lag” around when referring to completely different problems. You are talking about server lag/latency/ping issues, which is valid and at times does occur. However, many people just see their machines crawling inside a Tier 3 guildhall, and then crash out — that can very well be a local client hardware issue that has nothing to do with server-side load at all, but rather the amount of particle-based geometry and polygonal frames present within a fully loaded guild hall that the user’s machine is simply not equipped to handle. I can speak firsthand because since having upgraded my computer 9 months ago, I have not had a single spot of that particular type of “lag,” at all. My guild’s hall is fully loaded T3 and, although it is now and then jittery to run through, I do not crash out, etc. Prior to upgrading, I faced the same issues as everyone else.

    But to get back on the point … a lot of the humdrum on the SOE board is just that. Truthfully, AB has been the highest population server for most of this game’s lifetime, and the actual latency, for the vast majority of that, has been perfectly fine.

    As for the fantasy of coming to a full server. Well, any server is what you make of it, isn’t it? 🙂 I find that a certain type of player is unwilling to create groups or take a proactive role in finding them, and that type is never happy, no matter what.

  8. Illuminator says:

    Years ago after my first major bout of drama on my home server, I had it in my head to run off to Antonia Bayle for all the reasons listed above.

    I went to the WFP tavern to see what kind of roleplay went on and all I saw was a lone horny froglok trying to flirt with my female character; he shut up as soon as I typed MANGINA in my profile. We had amazingly cultured plat pharmers who would write poetry in their profiles, fight back in open channel, and try to bribe me to fight other plat pharmers even after I harassed them to oblivion.

    I wasn’t entirely impressed with the player base. While grinding an alt warlock the tank looted a fabled item I needed so he could give it to a healer that wasn’t high enough level to wear it. Why? Because I wasn’t “being nice”. That was pretty much the last straw for me. Fortunately for him this was pre-eq2flames.

    I’m sure all of this has changed since I left. I’m content with Blackburrow finally.

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