SOE Scraps the Plan for Hate Revamp

Posted: March 17, 2009 by Kendricke in Everquest 2

According to Bruce Ferguson’s Producer Letter today, SOE is completely scrapping their plan and starting over with regards to the “hate revamp”:

Well, we’ve been talking since the last Fan Faire about how we’ve drifted away from the hate management and damage sink that tanks were originally intended to be.  With this, there has also been an increase in the DPS that tanks have been doing while in combat. This begins to impinge on the role that we’ve envisioned for the Scout and Mage classes, and we feel that moving forward we need to make some adjustments, as it is increasingly difficult for us to do proper and cohesive game balancing as the lines get more blurred.

We introduced this to the test server in early January and the response from the community was strong.   Recognizing that this is a very sensitive and delicate topic, we postponed the revamp for more testing and evaluation.

In the end, with all of your feedback, we’ve decided to re-examine the structure of the fighter revamp. 

  1. Illuminator says:

    The uncertainty this wishy-washyness caused was no different from the uncertainty caused by the President against investors. I got tired of playing my paladin without knowing if I would even recognize it in a month, without even knowing what changes were on or off the table. People can’t thrive under circumstances like that. So I made it easy and just cancelled all my accounts. Just as the investors are holding their money and waiting out the federal government.

  2. necrotherian says:

    I read the complete letter, plus the dev chat transcript over at Zam, and even though the fighter revamp has been pushed back, the Hate Meter will still be coming with GU 51, whenever they decide to release it.

    Some people are complaining that this turns the game into “easy mode”, and to some extent, I do agree. However, I do think that it will be a valuable tool for those players (pronounced War-locks) that can’t seem to manage the amount of hate they accrue.

    It seems like I pick on warlocks a lot. I do. Mostly this is because they are generally the ones that decide to lead out with their biggest nukes, then complain that they died because the tank couldn’t hold aggro.

    Necrotherian Lootsalot

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