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Pet Peeves: Common Gamer Speak

Posted: January 7, 2009 by Kendricke in Out of Character
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For years now, I’ve found myself privately and quietly correcting scores of group-mates across various MMO’s regarding some basic misspellings.  I realize that I’m not immune to making such mistakes myself, so I hurl these few stones publicly with the full realization that my own glass house is surely to come crashing down around me.  That said, I simply cannot keep quiet any longer: 

Joe tells the group, “Incomming!”

What does incomming mean?  Are we using communications devices that no one told me about?  Are we “comming” on those devices to speak to others?  …or are there actually monsters INCOMING that I should be aware of, instead?  (Note:  there’s only one “m” in “incoming”). 

Joe says, “That’s rediculous.  I can’t believe they’re going to do that.”

I know this is simply a common misspelling, but it grates on me every time I see it.  It’s the textual equivalent to chewing on tin foil, so far as I’m concerned.  You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a post on an MMO forum where someone is using the word “rediculous” instead of “ridiculous”.  Just typing it here makes me want to go take a scalding shower. 

Joe posts, “Worst nerf ever.  It’s a total slap in the face.” 

If there is any phrase that has truly lost all meaning for me over the years, it’s “slap in the face”.  I may even agree with someone 100% on an issue, but the moment they say “slap in the face”, I find myself composing essay length rebuttals against whatever stand they’ve chosen to take on whatever change it is they feel insulted by. 

Joe tells you, “RU LFG?”

Ok, I get it.  You’re cutting back on keystrokes, so you use “R U” instead of “Are” and “You”.  I don’t even get upset about LFG, but for some completely mysterious reason, I find myself twitching in disgust the moment someone uses “RU”, “plz”, or “WRU”.  I don’t mind MMO specific abbreviations, or even general net lingo (LOL doesn’t phase me in the least), but the new generation of text-speak gives me an overwhelming urge to grab a cane so I can wave it at the kids who are on my damned lawn!  I honestly have no justification for hating some abbreviations while completely accepting others.  If I really knew, I guess it wouldn’t really be just a “peeve”, now would it?

Ok, that’s enough for now.  I actually feel much better getting all that off of my chest.  A bit of a cathartic release from time to time is good for the soul, I suppose.  I’ve shared some of my gamer speak peeves with you.  Return the favor:  what common gamer sayings irrationally bug you?