The $40 Dire Bear?

Posted: October 16, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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One of the nicest rewards for an Everquest II expansion is being bundled with the retail version of the The Shadow Odyssey.  This time around, you can pick up a new Dire Bear pet and mount.  Per Ilucide, the stats on the bear are as follows:

As you level, your bear grows with you.

  • From 1 to 19, he’s a little bearcub that follows you around.
  • From 20 to 39, he grows up and you can ride him around (a 20% speed mount).
  • From 40 to 59, he gets a saddle, and some more speed (30%).
  • From 60 to 79, he gains armor, and more speed (40%).
  • At 80, he’s fully grown. He has a full set of armor & saddle and is as fast as he’ll ever get (52%).

The bear is available with the retail box.

Please note that last line again:  “The bear is available with the retail box.”  If you preorder the digital download, you will not receive the dire bear pet/mount. 

This is a bit of a faux pas for SOE, since they just gave out thousands of copies of The Shadow Odyssey at the latest FanFaire – but the version those attendees will be receiving is the digital download version anyway.  Anyone who attended FanFaire who wants the dire bear will still need to shell out $40 for the retail version of the game after all. 

We brought 15 members to FanFaire this year.  In addition, many members of my guild already ordered the digital download version of the expansion.  I now need to make sure they all understand that they won’t be receiving the dire bear unless they also pony up for the retail version as well.

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:


    They cannot be making this same mistake again, can they? Haven’t we gone through the retail box/digital download reward fiasco path a few times already?

  2. Loredena says:

    A major gaffe in my opinion. We’ll probably end up buying the digital for one account (out of 4) for the house item, but otherwise we’ll be going retail for that mount. Annoying, as in truth I actually prefer digital.


  3. Pantheros says:

    Its too bad that the reward isn’t applied to both pre-order types. For the simple fact that not all members of the EQ2 community have easy access to the retail box version, or friends willing to send it to them. I, personally, would rather the reward be just an expansion wide reward. You buy the expansion, you get the reward.

    I haven’t heard much of the house item for the digital version, but I’m pretty much of the same opinion there, for the reason that not everyone is able to purchase it digitally (maybe credit card issues, or not having a card and plays by buying subscription cards).

    Either way, doesn’t make sense (past a moneygrab) to give out the expansion to all those who spent fairly big bucks attending FanFaire, just to turn around and say that to get everything, they’ll still need to find a retail box…

  4. Illuminator says:

    They seem intent on making sure there is an incentive to buy the retail box over the digital download. The way I’ve seen this somewhat successfully done is to have the retail box slightly cheaper. I once called a manufacturer to ask why their product was cheaper retail than direct, and they responded: “To maintain product visibility, we don’t compete with our distributors.”

  5. Thraxarious says:

    Yeah, thats the big catch-22.

    If Digital format becomes the ONLY way to get it, no one (or not enough people) buys the box ones, and retail stores won’t carry it.

    Making the retail box more desirable makes it a big incentive for new players, returning players, and for the stores in general to give EQ2 shelf space and therefore mind share in the public.

    The flip side is that its hard for the digital downloaders and people who get it “Free” to see how the carrot has to be on the outside for new players to come in to get it.

    I think they should focus on more tangible items in the digital download vs the retail box. That is the big difference between them, you can’t shove a statuette through the internet. Though even that would encroach on “Collector’s Edition” versions of the game.

    All in all, its a bit of a catch-22 and not the easiest thing to ballance out.

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