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Guild Hall Amenities

Posted: August 20, 2008 by zobek in Everquest 2
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No doubt by know you’ve been buzzing about the upcoming Guild Hall feature for EverQuest II. I sure have… and if you’re like me, I’d bet you want to know just what benefits the hall offers – and how much it’s going to cost you and your guild.

As mentioned earlier today, we’ve now got a Guild Hall Cost Calculator that will show you how much coin and status it will take to purchase – and maintain – a guild hall and its amenities. The tool updates the totals in real-time as you add or remove features. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we suggest you do.

Sometimes, though, just a plain old list is useful, too – so I’ve prepared a summary of all amenities that were displayed during the preview at Fan Faire in Las Vegas. Hit the jump for details!



Clockwork Guild Hall Cost Calculator!

Posted: August 20, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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I’ll admit that I was pretty excited to be in the room when guild halls were finally revealed.  The sheer size of the Tier 3 “Island Fortress” is fairly intense.  It’s at least five times the size of a zone like Qeynos Harbor with rooms and staircases that go on forever.

When Jindrack and Rothgar began to show off the list of amenities to the assembled Fanfaire attendees, they scrolled through pretty quickly.  What they didn’t count on was that our own Clockwork Cameraman Pantheros was on-hand to snap off several dozen “burst” shots on his high end Canon SLR.  The short version is that we managed to collect every revealed amenity and cost that SOE saw fit to put on the screen and scroll through.

Now, because we really want to share that information with the rest of you, our Clockwork Overlord, Zobek, has been hard at work over the past few days building out a Ennumeration Calculatron Device (something like that) for us to use to figure out just how expensive a Guild Hall will be for us.  However, this tool is just so much fun to play with, we’ve decided to make it available to everyone to use.

So, for your enjoyment, I present the Clockwork Gamer Guild Hall Cost Calculator, which you can also find under the handy “tools” tab above.  Have fun planning!

Guild Hall Cost Calculator

Out of Office for FanFaire

Posted: August 11, 2008 by Kendricke in Out of Character

Oh, how I love setting this reminder up in my Outlook here at work:

Though it’s been on calendars for some time, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’ll be on vacation from Tuesday through next Monday, returning on Tuesday August 19th. If any issue needs my attention, I’ll be available in the office for the remainder of today and then by cell phone tomorrow morning.

While I’m out of the office, urgent issues can be directed to…

Anyone else going to FanFaire? Apparently this year, 13 of my guildmates will be joining me. I’m pretty excited about that.

How NOT to Join the Guild of Your Dreams

Posted: August 7, 2008 by Kendricke in Guilds

In the past month alone, my guild has had around 20 actual applications filed for membership.  Of those, we’ve brought in a dozen so far, and we’ll probably bring in half of the remaining applicants providing that their officer interviews pan out well.

I’m pretty proud of our membership application process, because it’s kept much of the drama out of our ranks that seems to afflict many other guilds so frequently.  Generally speaking, just the act of requiring an application to be filed weeds out roughly half of all potential applicants right away, while the applications and follow-up interview period probably cuts down another third of those who managed to make it that far.  That means only about one out of every three candidates for membership in our guild ever makes it to our ranks.

Now, keep in mind we’re not talking about a top end exclusive guild here.  Our requirements to join have no level restrictions, no referral or sponsorship requirements to apply, no requirement to use voicechat to join – if you can read and write English fluently, you don’t belong to a current guild, and you’re able to log on once every 30 days, you already meet our minimum requirements for membership.

So, even with the bar set that low, what keeps 7 out of every 10 potential members out of our guild?  Honestly, it’s almost always the same things.