How Much for that Coder in the Window?

Posted: July 18, 2008 by Kendricke in The Gaming Industry

How much are SOE programmers making?

Well, if they’re brought into the U.S. on a work visa, then according to the data gleaned by Christer Ericson (Director of Tools and Technology, Sony Santa Monica), then, “the average programmer salary across all applications was $87K. The average for senior programmers was $103K, and for lead programmers $109K.”

It’s actually terribly interesting how he managed to glean this information (perhaps more interesting than the information itself), and I advise taking a peek at his “Real Time Collision Detection” blog if you’re interested in learning his source or methods. 

A hat tip to Brenda Brathwaite at the Applied Game Design blog for bringing this subject to our attention.

  1. Rijacki says:

    Wow! That’s lower than I thought. For the software biz out in California (North and South) that’s actually rather low. No wonder they have a hard time attracting and keeping highly skilled people. (Not saying the devs they don’t have right now aren’t highly skilled, but there have been departures we’ve all felt).

    Oh… and that’s for the programmers, it might be less for the “developers” since they aren’t “programmers”. From my own sources, no direct comments just.. umm.. side comments, developers do make less than programmers.

    Programmers for EQ2, as an example, deal with the direct code. Developers work with the content on top of the code (using mainly XML, spreadsheets, and database stuffs).

  2. Illuminator says:

    I read this and realize how vastly underpaid I am. I think my boss finally found out from HR what my salary is, and that’s why he’s suddenly and mysteriously loosened up about my morning arrival times.

  3. Ogrebears says:

    Ya that does seem a little low to me as well. I know where i work (NetApp) Senior Programmers get around 130k.

    But it also is the game industry they don’t have to pay as much as most programmers tend to want to work in the game industry rather than other areas first.

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