SOE adds new SWG TCG, COF, to growing list of MMO TLAs*

Posted: July 2, 2008 by Kendricke in Star Wars Galaxies
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LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment announced a new trading card game to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Star Wars Galaxies.  The new game, called Champions of the Force, is to be released later this summer.  Unlike the original Star Wars CCG, this particular card game will be released and played exclusively online, similarly to the Everquest themed Legends of Norrath card game already published by SOE.

In keeping with the apparently lucrative lessons learned from that game, Champions of the Force will include a selection of “loot cards” which can be redeemed within Star Wars Galaxies for a manner of in-game rewards not specifically related to the card game.

At this rate, I wonder if it’s only a manner of time before SOE Denver starts creating in-game TCG’s for Matrix Online and Planetside.  I wonder if there are plans for similar in-game offerings for DC Universe or The Agency?

* – A “TLA” is a Three Letter Acronym.  😉

  1. Ogrebears says:

    There probably are plans for a card game for each game they put out. As long as there some sort of loot you can get from the card game that you can use in the real game, people will shill out cash to make it very profitable.

  2. Chappo says:

    Who ever thought a trading card card would ever not involve cards? Generally I like original trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic; The Gathering, but I’m a bit suspicious of card games that derived from popular video games, even more I guess of unpopular video games.

  3. Ardwulf says:

    Hopefully, unlike the original Star Wars TCG, this one won’t suck.

    I’ve fooled only a very little bit with Legends of Norrath, but it seems kind of cool – I’d just rather spend what game time I have actually playing the MMO than the cardgame version.

    The interesting speculation about future SOE VTCGs leads me to wonder about doing it with Vanguard, which already has a very nice card game already built into the MMO. There’s the potential to do something really very cool and innovative there, I think.

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