The Gathering Tempest – Unintended Issues?

Posted: June 18, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2

As myself and my guildmates tore into Update 46 yesterday, several of us noticed a few potential issues which may not (or may) have been intended.

For one thing, the storms in the lower level areas (like Forest Ruins and the Peat Bog) were absolutely overcamped by level 80’s who were clearing through the tempest touched creatures with impunity, often while lower levels sat around trying to snipe the occasional creature themselves.  I quickly realized I was part of the problem (as I was one of the level 80’s there) so I removed myself in favor of some of the Enchanted Lands storms (where NO ONE was camping the creatures).

Before I moved, I noticed that the voidbeasts which spawned would never fight the level 80s who had spawned them, and sometimes it seemed they would jump the lower levels nearby instead!  After observing for a bit, I realized that all the high levels had to do was to use the potion on the tempest touched creatures to “cleanse” them…and then, once the voidbeast spawned, they’d simply /yell to break the encounter, forcing the voidbeast to return immediately to its spawn point (i.e. – the creature it had been possessing).  It was a ridiculously easy way to avoid fighting voidbeasts with every cleansing, and allowed players to quickly move through the quests without having to worry about actually having to fight anything.

I’ll admit that I started to use the /yell technique myself.  After all, why fight through hoardes of mindless voidbeasts which provide little challenge or surprise if it can be avoided altogether.

Another potential issue noticed by one of my members was that mentored characters who cleansed a tempest touched creature would still spawn a voidbeast relative to their actual level, instead of their mentored level. I personally don’t see this as as large an issue, especially since the voidbeasts, regardless of level, can be just yelled off anyway.  I suppose if someone was looking for a way to fight the beasts at the appropriate level though, this could be seen as a rather annoying bug.

I’ll be running Runnyeye 2 tonight with some guildmates, and I’m rather looking forward to the run.  If the difficulty is close to what we saw on Test, I imagine this could be our new non-raid home for at least the next month or so.

  1. Taymar says:

    I’m using the run-away technique which is the same thing – except that the mobs don’t jump other people, they run back and despawn. It’s much faster.

    However, I did lose my temper yesterday at the level 80s in Peat Bog and Forest Ruins. The low levels there don’t have a lot of choice as to where they can go and it struck me as very selfish that people with the whole world to explore were sticking to the lowest zone.

    I pointed out to one person that Antonica was actually faster – because you can zone there directly from NQ and there’s a nearby storm at Crater pond.

    She responded that it was useless as she needed two storms close to each other for maximum efficiency, thus only Peat Bog and Forest Ruins would do.

    I have to admit I lost it and logged in a huff.

  2. Loredena says:

    I didn’t realize there was one at Crater Pond; my trio has been using Fippy’s Hill. We were mentored down to 39, and regularly picked up level 60s and the occasional 80 as various people came up.

    The one that irked me was when I was in Forest Ruins (39) and taking turns with a level 22 at one of the *2* storms, and a level 80 who had already wiped the first storm out came up and grabbed from the storm we were at.

    I entirely understand why everyone is sticking to either Antonica or the newbie zones — it’s a nice theory to have put storms all over the world, but who is going to go to Sky if they have to come back to town every nine kills?

  3. Kendricke says:

    The fastest method I’ve come up with is the Enchanted Lands.

    First, fill a group with 6 characters of the same alignment (good/evil). If at all possible, one of the group members should be a sorceror or druid.

    Everyone grabs the quest and then takes the “Voyage” bell to Enchanted Lands via Nektulos Forest. Once you’re on the docks in Enchanted Lands, turn slightly to your right and you’ll see the first storm at the Klaknok mound. Start moving to this storm (you don’t have to wait for your group).

    Once every member of your group is in the zone, immediately start using potions on the three Tempest infected klaknoks right there. It doesn’t matter where your groupmates are (or even what level they are) because the updates for using the potions are zonewide.

    Have one or two members of the group assigned to “/yell” duty. Once you start to spawn voidbeasts, these members of the group immediately yell to break the encounter (target yourself before yelling and you’ll break ALL encounters at once).

    Once the three klaknoks are down, turn till you see the next storm by the Lazy Drain/Rivervale bridge (tempest touched corrupted halflings). At this second storm, you can turn slightly and see the third storm (the tempest touched void shrillers).

    That’s nine different tempest touched creatures within sight of each other. With a full group of six, you can blow through these 3 camps in under a minute…giving everyone in the group all 9 updates.

    Once you’re done, have the druid or sorceror port the group back to either Antonica or Commonlands and then, if possible, have a group member evacuate the group to speed up the process (this is particularly handy in Antonica, as it puts the group right in front of the North Qeynos gates).

    Rush back, get the quest and start from the top. Within an hour, a full group consisting of myself and five guildmates managed to pull in 9 “flags”. Once you get everyone moving on this, you start completing the quest from beginning to end in under five minutes.

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