What if SOE Sold Lettuce?

Posted: June 4, 2008 by Kendricke in SOE
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For several years now, I’ve been shopping at the local co-op here in Minneapolis.  Every week or so, I walk down to this store to buy my produce and soup, my milk and eggs.  It costs a bit more than the big chain stores here in town, but I like co-op a little bit more.  They may not stock the same diversity of goods or the same brands as the big box stores, but I like the quality and attention the member-staff provides, and I happily pay my yearly dues to keep my own membership current.  Other members pay off their dues by putting in hours at the co-op to work registers or stock the shelves.

Unfortunately, most of the people in my neighborhood do hit the chain stores, though.  As the years have gone on, more of more of the folks who had been shopping at this co-op have moved on to the big chain with their glossy ads and lower prices.  As the economy softens a bit, I think the co-op is feeling the pinch.

Now, if my co-op were run by SOE, they’d probably start handing out free memberships to entice former members to come back, which isn’t a bad idea.  They’d probably throw in some free fruit or coffee cards as well, which is also good.  They’d probably offer a couple of discounts on future shipments of premium produce as well, which I can’t fault them for.

However, if my co-op were run by SOE, I can’t help but wonder if they’d start special limited edition t-shirts or canvas backpacks to those former members…all while completely ignoring those of us who’ve been long time customers the whole time.

Luckily for me, my co-op isn’t run by SOE.  Members who’d been with them long enough were given free t-shirts and backpacks, too.  I even scored a couple of temporary membership cards that I can give away to friends or family to get them to come into the co-op for a visit with all perks of full membership.  In addition, the co-op now sponsers a couple of specials each month where long time members (like myself) get extra discounts on coffee, tea, or baked goods.  I even got a special “blue” membership card to signify that I’ve been with them longer than 5 years.

All in all, these extra perks don’t really amount to much.  It isn’t costing the co-op all that much, but it went a long way to making me feel appreciated for making the extra effort to shop there while other people in my neighborhood drive over the big chains.  Though I also hit the big chains from time to time, I’ve found myself spending more in the co-op lately.  I guess that’s my own way of saying “thanks” right back to them.

  1. Yeah, it’s great that they’re getting people back, but it seems really weird that they’re not extending the same cool perks to the players who’ve stuck with them all along…

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