Return of Rodcet Nife and an Invasion of the Void in Update 45

Posted: May 5, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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It seems that those expansion files released with the Test update weren’t all that early after all.

According to the French version of SOE’s site, players will see the return of the god Rodcet Nife in Update 45.  In addition, it appears that the Void will be invading Norrath in this upcoming update, fueling speculation that the upcoming expansion (rumored to be named “The Shadow of Odyssey”) will be centered around the Void. 

The relevant text was here (translation below):

L’événement de Rodcet Nife sera en live avec la mise a jour 45.
Un mystère volontaire entoure cet événement et tous les suivants seront de plus en plus impressionnants menant vers des invasions de grande envergure des créatures du Vide à travers le monde pour toutes les niveaux.


The event of Rodcet Nife will be in live with the placement has day 45.  An optional mystery surrounds this event and all the following ones will be more and more impressive leading towards large scale invasions of the creatures of the Void throughout the world at all levels. 

  1. Damn. I was so hoping for The Underfoot.

  2. Illuminator says:

    Does that mean Lord Nagafen is in danger?

  3. Bowin says:

    No….I think it means he’s French.

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