Test Update 45: Coercer love, more Bank Slots, and … hidden Guild Hall files!?

Posted: May 1, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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Oh, there’s a lot coming in Update 45, alright. For those of you unaware, Update 45 was pushed to the Test Server yesterday. Here’s a quick list of the big changes:

Mounts won’t leave you: Mounts merely suspend now when you feign death or jump on a griffon, sokokar, or cloud. (If you’re a fae or arasai, you might want to deactivate your mount before jumping off of a sokokar).

More bank space: Every character on every account is receiving at least 4 new bank slots and 4 new shared bank slots – oh, and you can now share coin between characters. On PVE servers, you’ll also be able to share coin and goods between good and evil characters on the same account. Obviously, PVP servers have some additional restrictions.

No more nil crystals (or thoughtstones, etc..): ‘Nuff said.

Big changes coming to Coercers: We talked about this when Aeralik first mentioned it.

Better Broker search: You’ll be able to search for +crit, +damage, +double attack.

Shared Chardok sokokar post: So long as you’ve completed the first sokokar quest in Kylong, you’ll be able to hit the second sokokar post in Chardok, so long as any member of your group has access to it already.

BONUS: You won’t find it listed in the notes, but you’ll find new UI files for GuildHalls, NewMapSys, and Vivox. Seems that Guild Halls are much closer to done than we’d previously thought.

Full notes at SOE’s official forums.

  1. Laldail says:

    “Shared sokokar posts:” – The notes specifically mention Chardok. Is it for all sokokar posts or just the Chardok posts?

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