Expansion Files Released with Test Update

Posted: May 1, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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Many thanks to Vulkoor of Antonia Bayle server, who noticed the following files which accompanied the recent Test Update 45 patch.  Virtually all of these files seem related to Expansion 5 (Shadows of Odyssey?  The Shadow Odyssey?):

8233 creatures/tu/valkyrie_greater
8234 creatures/tu/valkyrie_icemaiden
8237 creatures/pets/gigglegibber_crate
8238 _exp05/zones/objects/exp05_dun_miragul_upper/glass_orb
8239 _exp05/zones/objects/exp05_dun_miragul_upper/glass_orb_ped
8240 _exp05/zones/objects/exp05_dun_miragul_upper/glass_orb_ped_real
8241 staticobjects/clothing/wedding_veil
8242 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_bertoxxulous_01
8243 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_comfort_01
8244 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_fizzlethorpebristlebane
8245 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_generic_floral
8246 creatures/tu/skeleton_king_greater_ice
8253 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_dark_energy
8254 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_dark_water
8255 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_sludge
8256 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_traveler
8257 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_vile_putridness
8264 _exp05/monsters/void_storm_tornado
8270 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_anashti_sul_undead
8271 creatures/tu/gods_anashti_sul_undead
8272 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/chest_fungusman_02_armor
8273 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/chest_fungusman_02_armor_white
8274 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/head_fungusman_02_flat
8275 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/head_fungusman_02_flat_white
8276 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/head_fungusman_02_pointy
8277 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/head_fungusman_02_pointy_white
8278 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/head_fungusman_02_round
8279 accessories/npc_wearables/fungusman_02_appearances/head_fungusman_02_round_white
8280 accessories/wieldable_items/weapons/exp05/1h_void_sword01
8281 accessories/wieldable_items/weapons/exp05/1hc_void_axe01
8282 accessories/wieldable_items/weapons/exp05/1hc_void_hammer01
8283 accessories/wieldable_items/weapons/exp05/2h_void_staff01
8284 accessories/wieldable_items/weapons/exp05/void_bow01
8285 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_oathbreaker
8286 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_brellserilis
8287 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_cazicthule
8288 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_innoruuk
8290 _exp05/monsters/bat_swarm
8292 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_tunare
8293 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_ralloszek
8294 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_tribunal
8295 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_quellious
8296 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_solusekro
8297 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_mithanielmarr
8298 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_karana
8300 accessories/wearable_items/cloak/exp05/cloak_sq_01_void_energy
8301 creatures/tu/gods_rodcet_nife
8303 creatures/tu/earth_elem_pet
8304 creatures/tu/riverrock_earth_elem_pet
8308 creatures/tu/obsidian_earth_elem_pet
8309 _exp05/monsters/skull_wisp

Of particular note, seems there’s a new dungeon (Miragul Upper), a least one new possible diety (Rodcet Nife, God of life and healing), a new version of Anashti Sul (Desert of Flames), several new cloaks, and a slew of creatures which seem related to the Northlands or the Void.

  1. Tipa says:

    Interesting. But remember Fungus Grove, home of the mushroom people and the fungus critters, was in Luclin. For that matter, I’m not sure we can even cross Odus off the list, because an Obsidian Earth Elemental pet sounds like something you could find in The Hole.

  2. Kendricke says:

    I’m still leaning towards The Void. Too much of the game’s lore points us toward The Void and a lot of the files in this patch only seem to confirm more void creatures as a whole.

    I don’t see Fungus Men as any kind of Luclin confirmation. Remember, Fungus Men were actually originally denizens of Innothule Swamp, which was featured prominantly in the three installments of “Escape from Guk” in which the two main protaganists also face a shadow possessed troll and a horrific tentacled creature. In the recent Stratics devchat, it was mentioned that the Escape from Guk series was part of the lead up to the next expansion. Also, remember that the mushroom creatures in Fungus Grove (and Dawnshroud Peaks and elsewhere) bore little resemblance to the Fungus Men of Innothule.

  3. tipa says:

    The Void would rock, too 🙂 Another zone in which they could do anything without being constrained by EQ1.

  4. Rijacki says:

    I think I’m too giddy from the upcoming coercer changes to be anything but gleeful about anything *giggles like a school girl*

    But.. fungus grows in deep dark caves… there were dark caves in Odus and Ykesha was reachable from a boat off Odus.. and Ykesha had lots of deep dank caves. Fungus breeds by spores. The moon blowing up could have spread spores far and wide and allowed it to grow in lots of deep dank caves.

    But… shadow men are cool cool cool. I want more shadow men 🙂 I want a high level shadow man that I can “tame” to be my pet to go and slaughter more shadow men. Cool cool cool 🙂

    Oh… and some fungus has certain “medicinal” properties. Fungus and shadow men.. ooooo cool *giggles*

    As for Rodcet.. I hope they bring Terris Thule, too. Fungus can bring some “medicinal” dreams, too *impish grin*.

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