A Short Perspective from the Grey

Posted: April 29, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Uncategorized
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My guild is serious about our raiding. My guild is typically considered to be fairly casual by other guilds.

To many of you, those two statements seem to be completely contradictory to each other.

To those of you who consider yourselves a bit more hardcore, it may be hard to fathom how a guild which doesn’t maintain strict attendance requirements, with an active membership of nearly 60 members (outright “bloated” by many raid guild standards), who only raids three nights a week (for only three hours at a time) and who isn’t even to third tier of T8 raiding could possibly even think to consider themselves “serious” as raiders.

Yet, to other players who may not be quite as involved as we are, the thought of a guild which tracks raid points and holds bids for loot, who raids three nights a week (for a whopping three hours at a time!), who is already in the second tier of T8 raiding, and who maintains a large active roster of nearly 60 members could only be described as “serious” raiders.

Truly, “casual” (and “hardcore”) is in the eye of the beholder.

I’m not a fan of labels. Even within my own guild, I tend to discourage members from trying to categorize ourselves. We raid, but we’re not really a raid guild in the traditional sense, with at least a third of our membership barely attending raids (if at all). We only have so many hours online each week (in fact, 70% of our members play for less than 12 hours a week), but by and large, most players wouldn’t consider our average member to be casual (even though that’s exactly how many of my members feel about our playtimes). We’re certainly not hardcore, and there isn’t a member in my guild that wouldn’t laugh if you tried to paint us as “uber” – and yet that word’s been used to describe us by other players on our server who see us walking around in nearly full fabled.
To us, really “uber” guilds are plowing through Veeshan’s Peak and locking down contested. We just killed Pawbuster for the first time this week. To us, really “casual” guilds spend their time trying to form up groups to complete their fabled epics still…whereas 90% of our members already have theirs.

We’re an odd beast, really. We’re not really hardcore, but we’re certainly not casual. We raid regularly but we’re limited by time as to what we can actually do. While other guilds are able to spend 20+ hours a week working through progression, we’re limited to 3 weekly raids which start at 7 and end at 10 – no exceptions.

It’s hard for many of us to understand the constant pitched battles waged across game forums which pit “raiders” against “casual” players. For us, there is no distinction. We raid. We’re casual.

For guilds like mine, we don’t want the game to be made any easier. As long as the raids are built to be completed in 2-3 hours, we really couldn’t ask for much more. If a raid target needs strategy or gear, we’ll do what it takes to learn and earn. If a raid target needs better discipline, we’ll rise to the task before us. If a raid target requires us to adapt, then that’s what we’ll do.

What we don’t ask for is easier encounters. We don’t want less of a challenge. We may only get to raid for 9 hours each week, but when we raid, we want the experience to mean something. We don’t need to be first. We just want to know we can eventually get to where we need to be, through experience, skill, and a dogged committment to accomplishing the goals before us.

To guilds who consider themselves to be true raid guilds, we’ll probably never really amount to a raid guild in their eyes. We’re ok with that. To players who consider themselves to be truely casual, we’ll probably never really look to be casual. We’re ok with that, too.

We’re happy being neither black nor white. We’re happy here in the great Grey. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of us here, and most of us are shaking our heads when we read posts like thisor this…or even this.

  1. Rijacki says:

    Ironically (well, in contra to what those referenced posts, and others like them, insist), we also have a very high retention rate. Yes, we have had a FEW who have left to go on to other guilds to raid harder targets or in different time slices (time zones are killers… 7pm to Kendricke is 5pm to me… hard to get off work and be home before 5pm on two week nights), but the majority stay as long as they’re in Norrath (a few have left to go on hiatus from EQ2 or from gaming in general.. and those few have also returned when they could). I think the last ones who left to join guilds hitting harder content were during Kunark.

    We even have players who are adamantly passionate and players who min/max to extremes just like those who are in the “higher” raid guilds. While those might do equally well in a “higher” guild (and some have been in their pasts), they generally have actively made a decision not to get into the stress part of those higher guilds, too.

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