Overheard in a Cube Farm

Posted: April 25, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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Here’s your “small world” story of the day.

I’m at work this morning at a very large, rather well known client.  I’m building out system designs for my team’s next release.  The new data recovery manager that’s been hired is behind me is talking on his phone loudly to a friend.  I’m trying not to eavesdrop, but he keeps mentioning words like “CyberpowerPC” that perk me up.  I was JUST looking over that site this morning to pick up a new gaming rig to replace my aging model.

Just as I’m trying to get back to concentrating on my own work, he also mentions that he’s hoping to go to Vegas “this year”.  Come to think about it, he was mentioning Vegas earlier this morning on a different phone call.  it grabbed my attention because I’d just booked my own room for FanFaire this week, and I was scouring the sites this morning looking to snipe some decent airfare.  Again, I’m thinking maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Then, he mentions to his friend on the phone that he wonders if he should come over tomorrow…”unless you’re going to be playing EQ all morning, and then I’ll just see you in-game”.

Full stop.  What did he just say??

Yeah, he’s talking about SOE FanFaire.  This guy who easily makes over six figures at my work is talking gaming openly.  Come to find out, he’s calling around to his friends this morning trying to see who’s going or not.

Yeah, it’s a small world.  I love this game.

  1. tipa says:

    EQ2 rocks 🙂

  2. Pantheros says:

    Hmm, big question, does he know who you are? 😉

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