New Everquest II Expansion: “Shadows of Odyssey”?

Posted: April 24, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Uncategorized
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EDIT: It looks like Tipa beat me to it this morning by an hour.

According to the USPTO’s TESS trademark database, Sony Online Entertainment has filed two trademarks for “Everquest II: The Shadows of Odyssey” (77451534 and 77450867).

Based on recent discussions in the lore forums regarding the long lost Shissar and hints in the forums from developers regarding the fact that Luclin is, in fact, not a barren wasteland, this could potentially point to a Luclin based expansion.

However, please note that the recent lore fiction regarding “Escape from Guk” and “Flight of the Mudskipper” could indicate a different locale altogether.

  1. Myrix says:

    Interesting. I always loved the Shissar lore and if this expands upon what has already been told, I’m all for it.

    Still, one has to ask, no Velious? 😦

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  4. Vizzuussh says:

    NOOOOOOOOO, Please I hope to GOD SOE doesn’t amke a Luclin based expansion already!! It’s to soon and personally, Luclin was my least favorite expansion in the original EQ. I’d much rather see Velious and even Odus before a Luclin Expansion!! Luclin is what started to kill EQ1 so many years ago. I hope the Devs dont make the same mistake again!

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