Question of the Week: Old Bugs or New Content?

Posted: April 21, 2008 by Kendricke in Question of the Week

No one likes bugs.  Developers would rather their designs work as intended, so you know they don’t like bugs.  QA is embarrassed by bugs that make it to release, so you can bet they aren’t fond of them.  Programmers and coders would much rather be spending time on new features than fixing older code, so you can bet that most of them aren’t too keen on bugs.

Oh yeah, players aren’t exactly fans of bugs, either.

Yet, players also want new content.  They want new mounts, new armor, new dungeons, new raid targets, new solo quests, new housing, new guild halls, new art, new everything really.

It’s a tough balance to strike for most studios, and no matter what decision is reached, it’s inevitable that it will not be nearly enough for hardly any players at all.

Here at Clockwork Gamer, we’re curious though.  Which is more important to you, fixing old content or working on new content?

Our Question of the Week for April 21st is this:  Would you prefer studios spend more time and resources on fixing bugs or creating new content?

Let us know what you think in our comments section below.

  1. Myrix says:

    It’s tough to give a straight black and white answer on this topic. I think it just depends on the context, or how badly the bug effects gameplay.

    Let’s take Vanguard as an example: They recently announced GU5 which includes things like new spell effects and unique racial mounts. Immediately, many fans criticized this action, stating that time would be much better spent on the slew of bugs currently plaguing the game. In this case, I agree with them. I recently popped into Vanguard as I have the Station Pass anyway, just to see how the world was coming along, and I was surprised to see how buggy it remained a year after I had first played it. In cases like this, I think it’s important for the team to make a noticeable effort in squashing bugs before releasing extra things. Obviously, Vanguard may be a unique case, in that they seem to be trying to retain players (who obviously play regardless of bugs) rather than entice new ones in, so that may be why they choose to do content instead. To their credit, they are working on the hitching problem, which is probably the most voiced complaint of VG players.

    Ultimately, if the bug is a minor one that does not necessarily hinder gameplay, I would like to see resources dedicated instead to new content. If it does affect gameplay negatively, I think developers should do all they can to remedy it as soon as possible, even if it means pushing that Lobster mount back a month.

  2. Illuminator says:

    New content is usually only geared for certain players but everyone has to deal with the same mechanics bugs. And content bugs make people not want to visit that content. It really is that simple. Bugs first, always.

    It is rarely the subtle ones that get us so agitated, but the ones in our faces daily, that drive you insane and make you rethink concepts like truth and justice.

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