Memory Leak Fix Incoming for Everquest II

Posted: April 16, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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For a fascinating look into the world of live MMO coding, take a peek at the personal blog of Everquest II’s Technical Director, Josh “Autenil” Kriegshauer.  Earlier this week in an article at The Joshua Tree, Josh pulls back the curtain on an issue he’s been working with regarding memory leaks.

It’s a refreshing post, because he dives right on in to the actual code changes he’s hoping to make instead of making vague corporate-safe proclamations that “he’s working on it” or “it’s on their list of issues to look into”.  If you’re into programming, you’ll love the post all the more.

For the rest of us, the quick summary is this:  While looking at a problem with lag in Veeshan’s Peak, Josh found a solution that should hopefully help fix quite a bit of lag throughout the entire Everquest II client.

Source:  “Leaking memory by the kilo[byte]” at The Joshua Tree by Josh “Autenil” Kriegshauer


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