Shard of Hate Exploit? You Decide.

Posted: April 15, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2
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Let’s say there are these five hateful sisters in the Shard of Hate.

Now, let’s say that if you happen to wipe while killing these sisters, all five of the sisters respawn.  Obviously, this is to prevent you from putting your entire raid force’s resources into killing one sister at a time, wiping, then trying again on the next sister.

Let’s say that when you kill one of these hateful sisters, you can potentially loot an item from their corpse (not chest loot, mind you, but just a body drop) that triggers a one step quest that provides you with a choice of really nice fabled items.

Now, let’s say – just for the sake of argument – that you can kill one or two of these sisters and then wipe, which resets all five of the sisters, but now you have bodies on the ground from the previous kills.  Let’s say these bodies have body drops on them which starts the one step quest which provides you with a choice of really nice fabled items.

Now, let’s say those quests are repeatable.

See the problem?  Several guilds are already exploiting this little loophole to stock up on quested fabled items (which can then be munged, donated, vendored, etc).

The only real question is whether or not it’s an “exploit”, just shady, or perfectly acceptable.  What do you think?

  1. Ogrebears says:

    hmmm it would sound like an exploit to me. They problem only expect there to be 5 chances.

  2. Moorgard says:

    Exploit may be a harsh word. Taking advantage of what is probably an unintended situation? Sure. (I’m going to assume that the tactic of wiping a raid to get loot was not the design intent, but of course I could be wrong.)

    I’ll go with shady. Not the kind of thing I’d feel proud about doing myself, but I wouldn’t call someone a cheater for doing it.

  3. rulez says:

    I wonder how that could be missed. I would say the encounter is not meant to be played played like this…
    Maybe raid encounter and quest designer/developer were two different persons, then such an overlook can happen easily I guess.

    I would say that If it’s considered a bug that the quest item drops although the whole encounter was not defeated then getting advantage from it qualifies as exploit. If it is not considered a bug then it would be unfair to ever change it. But when were MMO lifecycles ever fair?

  4. zobek says:

    One possible cause for missing it could simply be shortsightnedness on the part of the code & QA teams.

    Speaking from personal experience in software development, it’s easy to fall into a mindset of testing things the way you expect them to be used and thus fail to catch edge scenarios and alternative use cases such as this. When that happens, it’s only a short step from there to saying things are “Working As Intended (TM)” and completely overlook major flaws.

  5. Krafoogoo says:

    Stupid design for making this a body drop and not a chest drop. Also the decay time on these mobs are stupid short.

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