Question of the Week: What Happens When You Petition Other Players?

Posted: April 14, 2008 by Kendricke in Question of the Week

It happens all the time.  You come across a pain-in-the-neck player who’s spamming for gold in your LFG channel, or you find yourself the target of a feign-training griefer, or you just can’t stand the name of the guy who’s waltzing around spouting profane statements about his favorite anatomical puns.

So you file an in-game petition.  Then what?

Most of the time, you hear nothing.  You hear nothing at all, actually.  If the player was warned, you don’t know.  If the player was suspended, you won’t find out.  If your petition was blithely ignored, you’re just as much in the dark.

There’s plenty of reasons why game studios are generally mum on the subject of “what happened to your petition against so-and-so”. However, let’s assume for a moment that there is no such legal ramifications.  For the purposes of this discussion, assume there’s no liability issues at stake here.

At Clockwork Gamer, we want to know what you think this week:

Do you think CSRs should tell you how they handled your petitions against other players?

  1. Illuminator says:

    One security model in software development is to return no response at all when bad input is received, or at least a very generic one. This is so you can’t rapidly test your hypotheses as you attempt to crack/hack the system and narrow out what doesn’t work.

    The parallel should be obvious, although I wouldn’t mind plat sellers/pharmers being PvP tagged even if they were on a PvE server.

  2. Xeavn says:

    While the curious player in me wants to know, it is probably for the best that I don’t know. It would only be human nature to keep trying to petition if we didn’t get an answer that we liked, and it wouldn’t take too long to figure out what does and doesn’t work.

  3. Kendricke says:

    I hear what you’re saying, but I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a problem with trust or perception on the issue.

    By that, I mean that if a typical player finds him/herself petitioning the same player over and over for the same/similar offenses with no visible action taken, do you think most players (A) assume the gamemasters handled the issue correctly or (B) are largely ignoring the problem.

  4. Bowin says:

    This is all I do and then I go on with what I was doing.

    Every game I ve played online there’s always gold farmers, spammers and you get your guys who uses desecrate statements. I ve pretty much grown numb to it all. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Dunno. But I play a game with a bunch of people who have different opinions on life. So what is right and what is wrong? People have argued this forever. So what do we do? We petition and allow our game police to handle it. We really don’t need to know how it was handled just that it was handled. Because this makes another problem. You ll have people bragging that they were the person who banned player A. It starts more drama than we all need. Me I play a game to have fun, relax and escape from stress. Don’t need more then what RL dishes out to me.

  5. Mittenz says:

    For myself, I’d like to know whether there is a point in reporting what I’m reporting, so I know whether to keep doing it. There’s nothing like reporting spam in a chat channel only to be told by the GM how to leave that channel.

    I can understand though that they can’t really tell you whether or not they are doing anything because if they told you that they aren’t then a lot of people would keep reporting the player for different things hoping to get them in trouble and wasting GM’s time. So I guess what I’d like to see is a list of things that they feel you should or should not report.

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