Friday Factoid: Bye-bye Macro Bug

Posted: April 11, 2008 by zobek in Everquest 2, Friday Factoid

Game Update 44 hit the live servers for EverQuest II this week, opening the new Shard of Hate raid zone and introducing a whole slew of combat changes, especially for the Ranger class. A quieter change, though, was an update to the way the EQ2 client parses macros and commands, rendering many macros useless…

As explained by Rothgar on the official forums here, the ability to issue multiple commands in a macro by beginning a line with a colon and semicolon “: ;” was a bug in the system present since the launch of the game. Over the course of the intervening years, it became a quite common way for players to build complex macros, such as an “unequip all” macro to unequip every single armor slot (heavily favored in earlier raiding days) or a one-click “harvesting” macro.

Now, those types of macros no longer work, as the colon correctly triggers a character emote, as it was originally intended to do. To compensate, as Rothgar has indicated in his post, SOE will increase the number of command steps in a macro from 10 to 24.

If you haven’t yet done so, you’ll need to revamp any macros made under the old system to the new format.

That’s all for this Friday, catch you next week!


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