Question of the Week: Separate Roleplay Servers?

Posted: April 7, 2008 by Kendricke in General Game Concepts, Question of the Week

Many of the biggest MMO’s these days still set aside servers specifically tagged for “roleplaying”.  Very few of these roleplay servers are set up with a different rule set, and generally speaking these servers invariably end up being popular with non-roleplayers as well.

Even roleplayers can’t seem to agree on what exactly roleplaying actually…is.  For some, the idea of roleplaying is based around simply playing a game “in character” whereas others feel that there should be fairly strict rules on race/class selection and even group choices.

Studios themselves seem to stay out of the actual semantical muck and mire, and essentially wash their hands of the concept even while they set aside the servers themselves.  Let’s face it, if the developers starting getting involved in helping to define roleplay, wouldn’t they then be obligated to help enforce it?

It’s a daunting situation from any angle, and it’s certainly got our gears grinding just thinking about it.

So, our Clockwork Gamer Question of the Week for April 7th, 2008 is this:  Should MMO’s have separate Roleplay Servers?

Let us know what you think.

  1. Mordraeth says:

    I think it’s nice to designate a server for it, if nothing more than to flag it for us RPers so we know there is a better chance of finding someone there of a like mind.

    As for enforcement… I’d be happy if they’d just keep with a strict naming guideline. I can pretty much ignore everything else, I still see the persons name.

  2. Crookshankz says:

    I do and I think that those RP servers should be a mandatory RP and least as far as it could be inforced. You start out speaking only your racial tongue (and maybe common). /say is the norm.

    The few time’s I’ve tried RP server, it seemed to me that only 10-20% of the people were actually role playing.

  3. Kendricke says:

    How do you enforce “mandatory RP”? Who gets to decide what is and is not roleplay?

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