Friday Factoid: Lesser-Known EQ2 Slash Commands

Posted: April 4, 2008 by zobek in Everquest 2, Friday Factoid

Like many an MMO, EverQuest II owes its heritage to the text-based MUDs and MOOs of yesteryear. As a result, text communication and game client control remain key features to the environment.

The main type of key-driven system commands in EQ2 and other games have come to be known as ‘slash’ commands, owing to the fact that they begin with a forward slash: ‘/’. This character signals to the game that the player is issuing a command rather than typing chat text, pressing a movement key, or casting a spell.

With that said, we present a few of EQ2’s lesser-known slash commands that you just might find useful…

/acceptinvite – Accepts a pending invite request. Helpful for users with custom UIs (like ProfitUI) who can issue commands while zoning, for example. You can also /declineinvite.

/weaponstats – Displays detailed information about your currently equipped weapon, including actual damage spread, delay, and more. Players looking to maximize DPS like this one.

/bag_open – opens bags from your inventory… or your bank vault. This is display only – you can’t withdraw items – but is useful for checking if you have a particular item in the bank.
/bag_open -3 will display your character’s personal bank.
/bag_open -4 will display the shared bank.

/show_subname – Shows or hides guild name on players.
/show_subname 0
turns them off.
/show_subname 1 turns them on.

/show_titles_mode – Controls how player prefixes and titles are displayed. /show_titles_mode 0 will turn off prefixes and titles.
/show_titles_mode 1 will display them all on one line.
/show_titles_mode 2 will display them above & below the player’s name.

Have other slash commands you find especially useful? Let us know!

  1. Kendricke says:

    I have a “raid settings” option savefile I use when preparing for a raid. Not only does this setting turn down my graphics and adjust my sound settings, but it adds in “/show_subname 0” and “/show_titles_mode 0” to cut down on visual clutter.

    Let’s face it, if I’m raiding with my guildmates, I don’t need to see their guildtags or titles, anyway.

  2. Akely says:

    Useful stuff! Tkanks!

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