Is it Over?

Posted: April 2, 2008 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, General Game Concepts

Every year, more and more websites jump on the April Fool’s bandwagon.  Yesterday, we took Scott Jennings’ lead and took the day off (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).  There were only a few of the jokes which made me chuckle (most were simply irritating) and then during a short raid last night, we had this exquisite chest drop in Everquest II:

Gigglegibber Companion Cube

Ok, I’ll admit it.  We laughed.  We thought it was cute.  Several people wanted to actually build their very own Weighted Gigglegibber Companion Cube

You win this round, SOE (though Blizzard was close with Bard Hero).  Good game.

  1. Rijacki says:

    To me, it was even more amusing to see how many raiders can you fit in a cube… that’s one way to make it weighted.

  2. Pantheros says:

    Yeah, definately was a good laugh, and something fun to see. Definately made me chuckle as well.

  3. Bowin says:

    Oh I missed out. Just my luck.

  4. Thraxarious says:

    A friend of mine was trying to keep track of many of the April Fool’s things he’d seen, from friends joining cults to Youtube Rickrolling everyone.

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