Respect mah Authoritay!

Posted: January 2, 2008 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

Random thought of the day:

Ever notice how some of the biggest self-proclaimed authorities on MMO’s often have no characters higher than level 35  in any particular game?  I’ve been reading a lot of new blogs and even paid fansites lately where the writers are involved in 27 different MMO’s right now, but couldn’t properly explain what a 2 year old zone looks like because they spend no more than five hours per game every third week.

Follow-up thought:

(Must remember to level up past 35 tonight.  😛 )

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    35… I’m covered at an “over level 35” benchmark. 40 though, I never did get past 40 in EverQuest.

  2. Tipa says:

    80 and 79 and 66 in EQ2; 75 and 70 and 65 in EQ1; 45 in FFXI Online; 36 in DAoC (barely squeaked in there); 60 in WoW!


  3. Xeavn says:

    80 in EQ2, 61 warrior, 62 shaman, and 68 priest in WoW, (I tried to get back into it after Burning Crusade, but couldn’t.) I think I managed to make BR 18 or so in Planetside. That was a pretty good accomplishment for me, considering how bad I was at that game.

    Still I am not sure you have to play a game to max level in order to have an opinion, however you shouldn’t expect others to listen to you if you are talking about a topic you couldn’t have knowledge of at your level.

  4. Kendricke says:

    This was mostly a tongue in cheek poke at just a few of the dozens of blogs or fansites I’d read through in the past few weeks. So often, I’ll read this massive comparisons between several games…by authors who have barely played any of the games being compared.

    I don’t need someone to be a max level uberplayer before I’ll accept their opinion or logic on a topic, but sometimes – for some specific subjects – it might help. 😉

    Of course, as much as I try not to fall into this trap myself, I included the second part of the post as a subtle dig unto myself to try to remind myself that I’m don’t always practice what I preach as closely as I’d perhaps like.

  5. Tobold says:

    Two level 70’s in WoW, but I don’t think that “level” is a good indicator of knowledged about a game. There are many single-player games you can *finish* in less time than it takes to level to 35 in many MMORPGs. You don’t have to have seen all the zones of a MMORPG to be able to say something intelligent about it.

    I’d rather measure authority in hours played. And even then I’m not sure how many hours you’d need to play a game before you can judge it. 1? 10? 100? 1000?

    Funnily Richard Bartle played 3 characters to 70 in WoW and spent over 3,000 hours in the game, and then claimed he wasn’t doing it for fun, but just for having the authority, or “credentials” as he called it.

  6. Kendricke says:

    From a logical standpoint, I’d agree you don’t require levels or personal experience to talk about general concepts. After all, fact is fact, regardless of who is acting as the current mouthpiece for such facts.

    What I’m mostly musing about here isn’t some arbitrary line in the sand so much as a general concept, however. Most of us write with some level of authority, whether we write for personal blogs, fansites, or large news networks. We muse. We ponder. We opine. We rant. We whine. Whether we use humor or intellectualism to attempt to get our points across, we are trying to get our points across.

    Is it a form of elitism? Perhaps a bit. More than that, I think it’s a desire to make sure that the person telling us about “what it’s like” in Game X is someone who actually knows what it’s like.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to knock little Johnny Newplayer for talking about how much he loves Tabula Rasa or World of Warcraft or whatever new game he’s become involved in. I actually love reading the perspective of new players.

    What’s more amusing to me though is when little Johnny decides he’s going to start making end-game comparisons between this game he’s started up and other games, where he’s either also just barely started, or (worse) where he’s never played at all.

    As a real example, I can discuss some of the more general concepts of EVE Online or CCP due to reports I’ve read regarding incidents. I can understand the basic concepts of the game. I can grok the basic character advancement and PVP ideals. However, you won’t see me writing too much about EVE Online here because I don’t log in to play it. You might see the occasional reposted news story or my opinions on those stories (usually related to general game design concepts or designer ethics), but for anything more in-depth, you’ll want/need to look elsewhere.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by, Tobold. I had no idea you read us here. I might have to get a T-Shirt made now (“Tobold Reads My Gaming Blog”). 😉

  7. Ogrebears says:

    Well a lot of the bigger MMO blog had people who at one time or another where at a high level at a game. And then they moved to the next one… and then the next one.. and the next one. And they seem to play many game now, or get tired of them faster and move on before getting to the high end content of the game.

  8. Kendricke says:

    Sure, but I wasn’t commenting on those type of players, Ogrebears.

  9. Taymar says:

    It’s an interesting one (as is clear from the comments you’ve received!). I was commissioned to write a guide for a game (not saying which) and I never did level up in that game. I spent all my time reading forums and running around checking things and never did get a chance to play. 🙂 But I’ve also seen a LOT of blogs (especially some of the big ones who seem to have random people writing their guides) where you think … hey, er, you don’t really get this, do you.

    I’ve been kinda laughing at some of the guides for things that just really aren’t that helpful. I don’t want to name anything specifically, but things that are equivalent to “where to harvest on the newbie isles.” Just not useful information on any level other than data collectin, really.

    Although I was thinking about a guide for getting fishing up from scratch, and I suspect that could/would be equally useless as it’s really a case of “go to zone, fish for skill ups, move to next tier” 🙂

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