The Final Frontier

Posted: November 26, 2007 by Kendricke in Perpetual

And there you have it.  Per this article at, it seems that the ironically named Perpetual Entertainment is the latest MMO studio to fall down go boom:

South Korean company Gravity was forced in a mandatory SEC report to spill the beans that Perpetual Entertainment is seeking liquidation of all its assets and will soon cease to exist as a company.

As of this writing, there’s nothing official at Perpetual’s official home on the web, but perhaps the information was intercepted by Romulans (or Romans?).

That said, this is a license that’s simply too hot to drop.  Unlike Gods and Heroes, which was and is less likely to find a buyer,  Star Trek Online could easily find a new home.

  1. Laldail says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised. They have some good art talent over there, from some of the early work I saw posted, but it seems the company was too eager to make major compromises in the very early stages of the game.

    I became completely disinterested in the game (as a Star Trek fan) when Perpetual indicated that player shipboard activity would be limited (if it existed at all) and it was likely going to become another game with ship-as-avatar, at least so far as the spaceflight was concerned.

    What’s Star Trek without living aboard a ship? Even DS-9 at least felt like you were aboard a space vessel, even if it didn’t move. Star Trek without crewed ships would be like Star Wars without Jedi.

  2. Mallika says:

    (Got this from Tobold’s blog)

    According to this:

    They have now become Perpetual LLC. They’ll still be working on Star Trek Online, but with a more ‘for the casual audience’ slant — the game has a high chance to end up being free, with microtransactions, than a monthly-subscription-based game.

    Not sure what to think … hehe.

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