Rise of Kunark: Some Common Kylong Questions

Posted: November 16, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Rise of Kunark

I’ve heard a lot of questions asked in-game about Rise of Kunark.  Many of those questions get asked over and over again.  As a public service, here’s a quick run down of some of the more common ones I’ve heard so far:

1.  Why can’t I see all the posts for my sokokar?  Why can’t I get to X from Y on my sokokar?

For the same basic reasons you can’t immediately access every griffin tower in the Thundering Steppes from every other tower, you don’t have full access to every sokokar post.  Generally speaking, you can only access one to three sokokar posts from any given post.  You can also only access posts you’ve physically “bound” your sokokar to. 

2.  Do I need to have my sokokar out to use a post? 

No.  You do not need to have your sokokar summoned to use a sokokar post.  In fact, I highly recommend you NOT have your sokokar summoned.  It’s for the children.  Think of the children.

3.  How much faction do I need to use the mender/merchants in Teren’s Grasp?

You must have kindly faction before most merchants or menders in Kylong will interact with you.  That’s 20,000 positive faction.  Till you reach “kindly” status, you’ll have to rely on the folks at Dreg’s Landing (the docks). 

4.  Where is Highton?

Highton is an old ember wasp hive that’s been converted into a trading post.  It’s a little over halfway between Teren’s Grasp and the Jarsath Wastes.  From Teren’s Grasp, head north and keep heading north till you come down out of the mountains.  When you start to see a majestic autumn colored forest, you’re heading the right direction.  When you see a massive gash-like chasm, head to your left (the west side of the gash) and move through the tatterback gorillas.  Just past the tatterbacks, you’ll see a large hollowed out log bridge.  Don’t cross the bridge, but just north of that location you’ll find Highton. 

Don’t forget to bind to the sokokar post there so you don’t have to make the run again in the future. 

5.  Which writs should I take? 

I can’t speak to the other cities yet, but for Qeynos, all of the “first choice” writs (the first choice available per faction) will take you to the Highton area of Kylong.  Second choice writs will take you into the initial areas of the Fens of Nathsar. 

Anyone else heard any frequently asked questions so far?  Have any suggestions you’d like to add to the list?  Don’t hold back on us – let’s hear ’em!

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