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It’s The Story, Stupid!

Posted: November 27, 2007 by Kendricke in General Game Concepts, Rise of Kunark

Remember when you first became interested in the idea of high fantasy in the first place? Was it Lancelot and Merlin? Was it Robin Hood and his merry men? Was it Gandalf and Aragorn? What of Aslan and the White Witch? How about Tanis or Tasslehof?

At some point, you found yourself immersed in a story about a world filled with magic – mythical creatures and wizards, long lost cities and fantastical villians. As a child, I devoured these stories through books and movies alike. Within the early 80’s of my childhood, there was a surge of fantasy movies, games, and books.

As I took my first fumbling forays into dinner table RPG’s, I learned then (first as a player, and later as a gamemaster) that it was never the idea of combat itself that kept me on the edge of my seat, but the idea of advancing through a storyline.

All the rewards and saving throws were merely superfluous to a well spun yarn. Truly, the way I would describe RPG’s to friends and family for years was simply that within such games, you helped to participate in the writing of a story.

Have today’s MMO’s forgotten that lesson? In many ways, I think that this is the case today…



The Final Frontier

Posted: November 26, 2007 by Kendricke in Perpetual

And there you have it.  Per this article at, it seems that the ironically named Perpetual Entertainment is the latest MMO studio to fall down go boom:

South Korean company Gravity was forced in a mandatory SEC report to spill the beans that Perpetual Entertainment is seeking liquidation of all its assets and will soon cease to exist as a company.

As of this writing, there’s nothing official at Perpetual’s official home on the web, but perhaps the information was intercepted by Romulans (or Romans?).

That said, this is a license that’s simply too hot to drop.  Unlike Gods and Heroes, which was and is less likely to find a buyer,  Star Trek Online could easily find a new home.

Kunark Dungeon Experience Boosted

Posted: November 21, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Rise of Kunark

Per this post on the official forums:

 In making the reality more aligned with the overall goal, Kunark dungeon experience gains have just been boosted on all of the live servers.  They will remain this way throughout the holiday weekend as we see how the new numbers work out. 

-Scott “Gallenite” Hartsman,
Senior Producer, Everquest II

 Well, it seems that we’ve managed to get a bit of what we’ve been asking for.  I’m glad to see that SOE has listened to the players who were requesting this, as it’s been a bit of a blemish on an otherwise great release.

For my part, I intend on running another group or two through Karnor’s and Chardok tonight to see the difference.  Expect a report sometime this weekend.



Alternate Sources of Revenue

Posted: November 19, 2007 by Xeavn in Everquest 2, General Game Concepts, SOE
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The sign on the right says, “No ads. No hitcounts. No salaries.” I am not really sure why Kendricke has chosen to not run advertisements on Clockwork, but I am glad that we are not doing so. When any site starts running ads, it is my opinion that your site becomes at least partially about selling whatever product you are advertising. After all that is the point of advertising, to sell something. At the same time I also understand the need for many fan sites to run ads in order to pay the bills. Many of the sites that I visit on a daily basis are advertisement supported. Some sites do this by running ads that fit the theme of their site, others run whatever ads they can get paid the most to run.

Today I want to talk about the things Sony has been doing lately to bring in an extra buck, and as I am sure many of you have noticed, one of these things was to start running advertisements on their websites. Everquest, Everquest 2, The Station site, and EQ2 Players are all currently running advertisements. These are not ads that are focused or targeted at gamers, or ads for Sony products or other Sony games, but ads that really have nothing to do with Everquest or really any of their games or products. (more…)

Kunark: Field Report II

Posted: November 19, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Rise of Kunark

Well, it’s been six days so far.  There’s a lot to take in with this expansion so far, and I’ve been spending most of my free time exploring through the content. 

To be fair, I’ve already seen most of this in beta, but it’s different now that I’m working through more of the quest lines and concentrating on goals.  There’s a big difference between playing because you’re looking for bugs or feedback and playing to advance your character and just have fun. 

So has it been fun?  Generally speaking, it has been.  There’s been some recurring issues that have come up here and there, but generally speaking, there’s a lot to enjoy about the expansion.  


Rise of Kunark: Some Common Kylong Questions

Posted: November 16, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Rise of Kunark

I’ve heard a lot of questions asked in-game about Rise of Kunark.  Many of those questions get asked over and over again.  As a public service, here’s a quick run down of some of the more common ones I’ve heard so far:

1.  Why can’t I see all the posts for my sokokar?  Why can’t I get to X from Y on my sokokar?

For the same basic reasons you can’t immediately access every griffin tower in the Thundering Steppes from every other tower, you don’t have full access to every sokokar post.  Generally speaking, you can only access one to three sokokar posts from any given post.  You can also only access posts you’ve physically “bound” your sokokar to. 

2.  Do I need to have my sokokar out to use a post? 

No.  You do not need to have your sokokar summoned to use a sokokar post.  In fact, I highly recommend you NOT have your sokokar summoned.  It’s for the children.  Think of the children.

3.  How much faction do I need to use the mender/merchants in Teren’s Grasp?

You must have kindly faction before most merchants or menders in Kylong will interact with you.  That’s 20,000 positive faction.  Till you reach “kindly” status, you’ll have to rely on the folks at Dreg’s Landing (the docks). 

4.  Where is Highton?

Highton is an old ember wasp hive that’s been converted into a trading post.  It’s a little over halfway between Teren’s Grasp and the Jarsath Wastes.  From Teren’s Grasp, head north and keep heading north till you come down out of the mountains.  When you start to see a majestic autumn colored forest, you’re heading the right direction.  When you see a massive gash-like chasm, head to your left (the west side of the gash) and move through the tatterback gorillas.  Just past the tatterbacks, you’ll see a large hollowed out log bridge.  Don’t cross the bridge, but just north of that location you’ll find Highton. 

Don’t forget to bind to the sokokar post there so you don’t have to make the run again in the future. 

5.  Which writs should I take? 

I can’t speak to the other cities yet, but for Qeynos, all of the “first choice” writs (the first choice available per faction) will take you to the Highton area of Kylong.  Second choice writs will take you into the initial areas of the Fens of Nathsar. 

Anyone else heard any frequently asked questions so far?  Have any suggestions you’d like to add to the list?  Don’t hold back on us – let’s hear ’em!

My Thoughts: Rise of Kunark

Posted: November 15, 2007 by Xeavn in Everquest 2, Rise of Kunark
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I have now had the change to play the new Rise of Kunark expansion for most of Tuesday night, and a good portion of the day on Wednesday. I wanted to talk about some of my first thoughts, and problems / issues that I think may arise as this expansion continues.

To start with the expansion seems really good so far. The artwork appears pretty top notch, and I have really enjoyed what I have played of the expansion. The only real problem with this, is that most of the expansion that I have played has been soloing and questing, and a tiny bit of grouping. So where exactly is the problem again? Well let me try and explain. I am currently level 72.5, and I have 109 Achievement points. This is from 5 collection quests that I managed to store up before the expansion, quests, solo named mobs, and exploration. On top of which I took a good 3 hour break from the game to spend time with my wife, and took at least another 4 hours to do things like run guild writs with a group to gain status, and to help out guild mates with quests that I had already completed. (more…)