EA Restructures Studios – Layoffs Incoming

Posted: October 25, 2007 by Kendricke in EA, The Gaming Industry, Ultima Online

Saw this story referenced at FOHGuild.org this morning:

As reported at Destructoid:

The email from Mythic VP Rob Denton was sent to all employees of Mythic and details some of the plans to reduce costs by cutting jobs as well as some actions already taken. Headcount will be managed through “attrition, performance management, stricter hiring guidelines and layoffs”. Over the next two months, the Ultima Online team will be moving from EA Redwood Shores to Mythic’s Fairfax, VA studio to streamline operations. Meanwhile, a number of employees at both studios have already been let go as of earlier today including many UO staffers, with more to follow as EA tightens its belt in the coming months.

As a follow-up to the news on the Ultima Online layoffs, Tensor posted at Ultima Online Stratics:

Alot of the UO team was laid off today including me and all of QA.

We were escorted out of the building and not even allowed to email our goodbye email to everyone else. They even had managers watching us the whole time like we had done something wrong.

Could this mean cuts at Bioware (a company just voted one of the Canada’s top 10 employers)?  I wouldn’t bet against the idea.

  1. Xeavn says:

    I must admit that I have never really liked EA. Ever since I found out how hard they work thier employee’s and how poorly they appear to treat them, I have always thought much less of them as a company. I know a lot of places work thier programmers pretty hard, but that doesn’t make it right.

    Still this makes me worried about Bioware’s future, as well as Mythic’s. Will Warhammer Online be worse off becasue of these changes? Only time will tell.

  2. Kendricke says:

    Funny you should mention that. With Ultima Online’s entire QA department laid off and all remaining staff being shifted to EA-Mythic’s Virginia studios by the end of the year, it’s entirely possible that Warhammer Online could suffer a bit due to the restructure (not to mention Dark Age).

  3. Xeavn says:

    From the articles you posted, it sounded like every division within EA was going to be forced to make a few cuts, so that very well could include Mythic. Ultima Online sounds like they are going to lose a majority of thier staff. I wonder how much longer EA will even keep it running. This is the company that shut down Earth and Beyond when the numbers were lacking after all.

  4. Kendricke says:

    EA is also the company that shut down Ultima Online 2, remember? 😉

  5. AverageJoe says:

    I had figured something was up a couple of days ago when I read this article:


  6. […] is laying off people btw, just in case you’ve been a bit busy today.  You cand find plenty of thoughts on this around the blogosphere, so I’ll spare you […]

  7. Laldail says:

    I pretty much wrote Mythic off as a viable entity for any serious future endeavor as soon as the announcement was made about their acquisition by EA. EA does not have a good track record with MMOs. I will be honestly surprised if Warhammer actually makes it to market with EA at the helm.

    I hope I’m wrong.

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