Clockwork Gamer Guides

Posted: October 17, 2007 by zobek in Everquest 2, Guides

On behalf of the entire CG crew, I’m proud to announce a new feature here at the site – a brand-spankin’-new section we’re calling Clockwork Gamer Guides. We’ve been hard at work building guides to some of those areas in EverQuest II that may go unnoticed – or may just need a little extra “oomph” to make ’em clear.

We hope you’ll find these guides to be just as insightful, sarcastic, quirky, and of course informative as our articles can be (on a good day).

To kick things off, we’re starting the Guides section with video walkthroughs highlighting where to find the books for the Lore & Legend creature mastery quests. While we haven’t got them all done yet, we’ve got ones for Echoes of Faydwer – because it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t begin with Clockwork Mastery. 😉

You’ll notice a new tab at the top of the site labeled “guides”. This link will take you to our main guides section, where you can see our current guides as well as a short listing of ones to come.

We’d love to hear what you think, so head on over and check them out!

  1. Xeavn says:

    Nice Zobek, it looks awesome. I haven’t actually watched the guides yet, but I will make sure and check it out later.

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