Kunark: Be Prepared

Posted: October 16, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Rise of Kunark

Are you ready for Kunark?

On November 13th, Rise of Kunark releases.  Levels will increase.  New zones will open.  All sorts of new gear will become available. 

When that happens, expect to see a flurry of activity across the servers.  New players will try out the game for the first time.  Former players will return to see what’s new.  Old players will start the grind one more time. 

There are less than a month till Rise of Kunark is due to be released.  If you haven’t been preparing for this event, it might be time to review a few things during your online time over the next few weeks to see if you’ve adequately prepared for the new expansion. 

Here’s a few of the tips I try to remember before any major expansion:

Master Spells:

Ok, so you’ve been lucky and you’ve got a few master spell scrolls up on the broker for Tier 6 and 7 abilities. Great!  The problem is that within 4 weeks, they won’t be the top of pile anymore.  This means that you’ve got two realistic choices here.  You can either  (A) drop the price and try to get as much as you can for the scrolls right now, or you can (B) hold to a high price and try to wait out the coming storm. 

Master spells will always retain some value, no matter the tier.  After all, it’s not as if everyone is at level 70 right now, right?  The problem is that most of the big buyers ARE level 70 right now – and unless you’re sitting on a fairly rare spell that has just that much demand, you might want to consider dropping the price to get what you can for the spell now, before everyone starts to realize that the new expansion is bringing new spell upgrades right around the corner. 

So, if you’ve got one of 5 copies of a spell on the broker right now, you might want to consider bringing your price down to be at least one of the lower ones listed for the time being, instead of waiting. 

Transmuting Time:

Care about transmuting?  Perhaps you’re a transmuter yourself.  Perhaps you just want to help a friend or guildmate who is a transmuter.  Either way, ten new adventuring levels generally means another 10 levels of adornments.  Adornments require munged powders and other ingredients – and a lot of them at that. 

The good news is that you don’t need to wait till the new levels to start preparing for transmuting.  You can get a leg up on the situation by preparing right now.  Prices on Adept I’s and other high tier Treasured gear are going to skyrocket once the expansion hits and transmuters start to buy up all the cheap stuff.  If you think you’re likely to want to spend money on those goods, it’s probably better to just buy it up now and munge them for storage in the meantime. 

Having several strongboxes filled with munged components now will save you a ton of time (and coin) once the expansion releases. 
Tradeskillers, Prepare:

If you’ve been putting off those last minute preparations for your own runs to 80, now’s a good time to start enlisting friends and guildmates to help out.  You don’t need to wait till the expansion releases to start worrying about levels 71 or 72. Just as you didn’t need level 61 recipes to actually get to level 61, you should be able to level to 71 or 72 just with Tier 7 harvestables and recipes.  It might be a good idea to have the goods in place if you don’t already, to save yourself the grief of fighting over harvesting nodes come November 14. 

Guild Status:

There’s dozens of strategies being discussed on faster ways to level a guild toward 80.  For guilds already sitting at level 60 though, most of these methods will require waiting till release before guilds can start the grind once more. 

However, if you have members looking to help out during the next four weeks, there are ways to do this now. 

For one thing, stop turning in Heritage Quests.  Oh, work on the quests – just stop turning them in.  Finish a quest up through the last step, and then sit on it.  Leave it open in your journal, even if – especially if it’s marked (Complete).  The first day of the expansion’s release, you can then turn in those quests for guild status (which is wasted now).  As an added bonus, you should gain adventuring and achievement experience for the quests if you wait.

If you have higher level alts you haven’t run through Heritages with yet, now’s a good time to get them set.


Let’s face it.  Collections are always going to be expensive right after a new release.  Typically, this is because so many people working on top level or new characters want to level them up quickly and collections are a fast way to do help with that.  So don’t wait. 
Buy up and complete as many collections as you can now…but don’t turn them in yet.  Once the expansion comes out, turn them all in at once and reap the rewards of your foresight and patience.  You’ll get adventuring and achievement experience. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking forward to levelling up a new Sarnak, it might not be a bad idea to stockpile some early collection quests for him or her in advance.  Even if you don’t intend on blowing through the early levels, remember that the developers have stated that the Rise of Kunark has no mid level content – which would be a great time to unload a ton of old collection quests to help skip past content you’ve already done a few times.

P.S. – Remember that the first few weeks of a new expansion see ridiculously high prices for new collection items.  If you can find the willpower, resist the urge to immediately apply the new collectibles to your own quest journal, and instead put them up for sale on the broker as soon as you can.  After the initial hubbub dies down, you can start buying back the same items you were selling – typically at greatly reduced costs.  Do it right and you’ll make a killing. 

Clean up the Quest Journal:

If you’re level 70 and have 100 achievement points, you’ve had little to no reason to work on quests for some time now.  Well, now you have a reason.  Work on quests again.  When you get to the complete stage, hold off till the expansion releases.  When you’re tired of working on the new quests from the expansion, you can just spend an hour or two running around turning in old quests for some quick experience and achievements while you wait for your vitality to build up again.

At the same time, it’s a good time to finally clean out the journal of all those level 20 quests you’ve been holding on to for years now.  Developers keep talking publically about how many new quests are in the expansion…and the last thing you want to have to worry about during the release rush is which quests you want to delete because your journal is too full to accept a new Kunark quest.
Hardware and Software:

If you’d been considering reimaging your old PC for some time now, or perhaps cracking the case and taking some canned air to the dust rhinos hiding out in your fan vents, now’s a good time.  You don’t want to wait till November 13th to start thinking about PC maintainence.  Get the bugs worked out of your system now while you still have a few weeks to get ready for the expansion. 
Take a day or two off work:

Ok, I’ll admit this is pretty geeky.  However, for many people, expansions are as good an excuse as any to take some personal time off from the grindstone…so you can sit in front of your PC working on the grind.  And let’s face it, it’s always easier to ask for the time a month in advance than to try to fake a cold to your boss on the phone. 

Figure out new character names now:

It’s November 14th.  The servers have been down all day.  Finally, the text changes from a dark red “LOCKED” to a bright green “UP” on your server.  You rush to create your new baby Sarnak.  You spend minutes working up a look that’s just what you want.  Time comes to choose a name for your new Sarnak, and you freeze…um, well, let’s try …no, that’s already taken…um, no, that’s apparently taken, too, and um…

Take a character slot now.  Create a new character and figure out the name you want now.  Not later.  Now.  Take all the time in the world to do this.  When the time comes to create a new character, just delete the one you’ve set aside right before you create your new Sarnak. 

(Even then, it doesn’t hurt to have a back-up name or two ready, in case someone jumps on the name you wanted just as you’re about to hit “enter”.)

Gear:  Be Prepared:

Publically, the developers have stated several times that the new zones are huge.  Whether they are or are not, I couldn’t say.  And because I can’t, I fall back on my early Qeynosian Ranger Scout training:  “Be Prepared”.  Pick up a few repair kits in case you die a few too many times in a hard to reach place so you don’t have to call back for the mender.  Bring some health/power/damage shield/whatever potions along, even if you don’t normally need them – you never know when a new named might spawn right in front of you and those potions might be the difference between a new gamewide discovery with your name on it, or having to choose which of the revive points shown is the one you want. 

New Sarnaks Need Love Too:

If you are going to create a new Sarnak, now’s a good time to start the machinery of “twinking”.  Pick up some new backpacks, basic armors, gear, and the first X levels of spell scrolls/combat arts at Apprentice IV/Adept I quality. 

It might not be a bad idea to put these items in the shared bank of one of your evil characters, by the way – since the developers have mentioned the new Sarnaks follow evil classes. 

  1. Chris says:

    Good advice. Now if I can just get my dirge to 70 before the expansion comes out….

  2. Illuminator says:

    One important thing: mind your experience debt in the days leading up.

    Personally I’m in no rush to be the first level 80 wizard on my server, even though I am perfectly capable of it. I’m doing everything in my power to stay well-geared while *avoiding* burnout.

  3. Jesus 2.0 says:

    illuminator is correct. I also suggest that those venturing into Kunark, expect to travel. A lot. They weren’t exaggerating when they said these zones were huge, because they are. Those saving up for Rhino/Warg ROk mounts, I suggest you get as much as possible. I won’t reveal the cost, but they are the most expensive mounts in the game. You will also need a fair amount of status and guild level 80.

    Kunark is vast and challenging. It’ll hit you like a truck if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  4. Hey!

    We here at EQual Perspectives (www.virginworlds.com) are eager for the release of Kunark. Joe, the newbie on the show, has been using one of my old accounts to try the game, but is eager to start up his own account and fill them with rabid Sarnaks. for myself, its been sometime since I dusted off the robes of my warlock Shalimar, who has been sitting at 70 for sometime now.

    The reviews and previews of the expansion really look exciting, and I have taken two days off from work on that Thursday and Friday to prepare for it (crossing my fingers that the servers will be stable).

    Thanks for a good article, and now I am even more excited than ever about its release.

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