Shard of Fear First Look!

Posted: October 2, 2007 by zobek in Everquest 2, Patches, Preview, SOE

As suspected, the Shard of Fear hit Test yesterday, and we’ve been working hard to get a writeup for you on the upcoming zone for GU39.

In the meantime, I popped over and snagged some screenshots for you to whet your appetite…. enjoy!

Shard of Fear Shard of Fear - Tower Shard of Fear - Thulians

Shard of Fear - Eye of Thule Shard of Fear - Shiverbacks Shard of Fear - Shiverbacks

Shard of Fear - Dracoliche Shard of Fear - Temple Shard of Fear - Temple Closer

  1. Rluyen says:

    I can’t wait. Honestly it looks like an upgraded PoF from EverQuest. From a lore view it’s just history repeating itself.

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  4. zobek says:

    To add some personal observations, until we get our detailed writeup:

    1. The zone is creepy. More so than Unrest, in my opinion.

    2. Almost everything in the zone roams.

    3. It might have been just my graphics settings, but the heavy red tone of the zone art plays with color perception. I consistently found myself looking at yellow and orange-con mobs that registered to my eyes as white, and I’d have to double-check their level to be certain.

  5. cyanbane says:


    pop’d on our news. sweet. screens

  6. Kendricke says:

    Thanks, Cyan. Maybe we should take you through tonight, eh?

    If you’re up for it, let us know.

  7. meStevo says:

    Would be cool if they revealed a upgraded Fear in EQ1, call it the same (Shard) and play it off as the authentic Fear, with the original being a replica crafted by the denizens stranded there.

  8. […] Shard of Fear First Look! As suspected, the Shard of Fear hit Test yesterday, and we’ve been working hard to get a writeup for you on the […] […]

  9. tipa says:

    Looks great, very much like Fear v1.0, right down to the wall of fire and the temples. Dracoliche looks cool, but I’d thought Tarinax in DT might have been the dracoliche in EQ2. Apparently not.

    I have nostalgic memories of early morning Fear break-ins, AEing the zone, playing toss-the-raid with CT and so on, but not sure I really want to do that all over again. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

    Fright shouts, “TIPA!”

  10. jankowalski4353 says:

    Looks pretty but way too easy. You don’t even need a tank to kill stuff there. There is one epic 75×2 drakota – even swashy can tank it with no problems.

    So, personally I have mixing feelings. Let’s hope SOE will change mobs to add some challenge.

  11. Kendricke says:

    I agree. I want my Shard of Fear to be HARD. I don’t want the Shard of Fear to become a new Obelisk of Blight…or even a new Unrest.

    If you want it accessible, that’s fine. Open up the first general area or two to allow for a modestly geared and skilled group to have a look around. But once you start getting into the core areas and fighting named, it should take on a whole new type of difficulty.

    This is supposed to be part of the Plane of Fear…so let’s treat it as such.

  12. Bladewing says:

    Hate people like Kendricke and Jankowalski that have all the time in the world to get geared up in eq2 and think that everything should be uber hard and only accessible to people with raid tier loot – no thanks, hopefully they continue to ignore the pleas of the “I’m uber” crowd and stick to the more casual gameplay that me and my other half 4 subscriptions pay to play.

  13. Kendricke says:

    Who said anything about “everything should be uber”?

    I don’t need nor want every dungeon to be filled with night on impossible difficulty. I like dungeons that don’t require as much skill or gear, such as Kaladim, Obelisk of Blight, Achadecism, Crypt of Valdoon and so forth. Even Unrest isn’t terribly difficult – it just takes a while for some players.

    But we’re not talking about dungeons that shouldn’t require as much skill or gear here. We’re talking about part of the home of the God of Fear, Cazic-Thule the Faceless. You know, the Shard of FEAR?

    If we were talking about another dungeon where you fought xenophobic high elves or vampires or bugbears, I’d be right there with you. But we’re talking about the native home of the Dracoliche, Fright, Dread, Terror, and the entire Amagaldyan race.

    Yeah, I want my Shard of Fear to be difficult. I would like to think that the denizens of a Plane are a tad harder than the Nayad of Nizara, even. I’d certainly think they should be more difficult than mere Shadowed Men and Kobolds.

    But that’s just me. I guess I like the idea that the first steps into a home of the Gods since they BLEW UP THE MOON AND SHATTERED THE CONTINENTS should be a tad…well, hard. 😉

    But, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. If it helps, I don’t hate people like you for having a different opinion, by the way…

  14. Tbone says:

    And I hate noobs that whine about difficulty of everything and ask that the game be brought down to their level of difficulty. They must have been raised by sheeple.

    The single group content and dungeons in this game are a freaking joke. Every class has a boatload of AE’s and we can tear through anything. Crowd control is considered a hinderance… The named mobs are seldom harder than the trash mobs ya mow to get to them. Its unbelievable how little true challenging content there is in EQ 2 presently. Quite shameful really. I’m looking for danger and excitement, risk and reward and what SOE gives us is tiny little repeatitive instances that you do a few times til you score what you need out of them and then never go back because the instances suck.

    Shard of Fear better be good!

    Old Sebelis, Karnors, all of those dungeons should be difficult and challenging to even the best geared players in the game, otherwise what point is there to progress your toon? If you can always mow all the content in treasured crap, why bother even upgrading anything? Should just craft all day and dual-box instances at night!

    Sounds exciting..

  15. raptorjesus says:

    people should stop saying the word ‘toon’ because its so lame, its a character not a cartoon.

  16. Bowin says:

    toon toon toon….you know the meaning use it. Bah!

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