Clockwork Gamer: State of the Site

Posted: October 2, 2007 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

Well, Zobek and I have been working hard on some behind the scenes work that will hopefully add some greatly enhanced functionality to the site soon.

If you’d like to see some of the things we’ve been working on, read on…

On Zobek’s side, he’s working more with the technical issues, picking up more webspace and addresses, and preparing us to handle more than just a daily blog.  If all goes well, it won’t be long before we’ll be able to load up sections dedicated to guides, interviews, screenshots, and videos. 

On my end, I’m working hard to set up our industry contacts, find a few new writers and an artist or two, and continue to post articles as often as I can (which is apparently pretty darned often – I have 17 currently half-written in the back-end).  I still have a few more diety guides to post this week, so expect to see the Ambivilant Gods discussed in greater detail tomorrow.

As far as those new writers I mentioned, I’m sure you’ve all seen that we’ve added Xeavn to the staff.  If you haven’t read his introduction, give it a go to familiarize yourself with our resident froglok.  He’s got a lot of experience with MMO’s, but brings a completely different perspective to the table than Zobek or myself.  On many occasions we’ve disagreed with a design decision for a particular game, so I imagine we’ll get some pretty good debates going here as well (which I look forward to). 

In addition to Xeavn, it seems we’ve generated interest from at least 2 writers who’d like to see more World of Warcraft discussion here, and a Second Lifer who’d like to give her perspective on her particular favorite slice of the MMOverse.  We’re currently speaking to a couple of different artists who feel they can definately give us a better look (what?  You don’t like the ultrasimple blue/white MS-Powerpoint look?) and we’re pretty excited to see what comes of these talks.

The short version is that we’re pretty optimistic and enthusiastic here at CG.  We have to be.  We’re doing this for free…  😛


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