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Posted: October 1, 2007 by Xeavn in Out of Character


I was asked to introduce myself shortly after Kendricke and Zobek agreed to let me write for Clockwork Gamer. I thought about it for a while, what to write, what was important? I wasn’t sure if I should give everyone background on the person behind the computer, or if it would be more appropriate to explain my experiences with Massive Multiplayer Online Games. In the end I thought it best perhaps to do both.

Let me start with the person behind the computer. My name is Thomas, I am a 25 year old programmer working with databases and web programming. I graduated about 3 years ago with a degree in computer science. I married my lovely wife just after graduating, and we are the not so proud owners of one crazy dog. Yes thats right, he is spoiled and disobedient.

Enough about my β€œreal” life though, on to the more interesting question of what makes me qualified to write for a gaming web log about my experiences and thoughts? Well not much really. I have played Everquest 2 for a few months now, and before that I played Eve Online, World of Warcraft and Planetside. I never played the original Everquest, so my take on Everquest 2 is completely unaffected by previous experience with the lore, legend and even game play of the original game. Still I like to think that I am smart enough to have an opinion on almost anything, yet I have gotten wise enough to realize that opinion isn’t always right.

So what I hope to present in my articles is just that, the opinion on a gamer who has played his fair share of games in the past, and will continue to play games in the future. This opinion won’t always be right, since it is opinion after all. I do hope that will leave plenty of room for people to form their own thoughts and ideas about the topics at hand, and to disagree with me when it is needed.

  1. Kendricke says:

    And our third Clockwork Gamer steps forth…

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of Xeavn’s articles, particularly on Everquest II. Whereas Zobek came to EQ2 from Everquest Online Adventures and I have a background firmly in old Everquest, Xeavn is tainted by neither previous incarnation and holds EQ2’s developers firmly to the standards of today’s MMO’s.

    More importantly, he’s got an opinion. Less importantly, his opinion often differs greatly from mine. Despite that obvious defect in his personality, I’m sure he’ll post some great articles (at least when he agrees with me).


  2. Xeavn says:

    Well if we are going to define great as agreeing with Kendricke, I am afraid a good number of them are going to be absolutely horrible. With that being the case, I look forward to you pointing out these defects in my personality, if you can find any.


  3. Hey, Welcome!
    Always good to have some new authors out there to give a fresh and varied viewpoint.
    So, what server do you play on Xeavn?

  4. Xeavn says:

    I play a Froglock Fury on Guk for Everquest 2. I am going to assume that is what your curious about, although I will glad talk about Planetside and World of Warcraft if someone is interested.

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