Shard of Fear on Test Today?

Posted: October 1, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2

Per this quote from Kirstie at the official forums:

If all goes well, most of your curiosity about GU39 should be answered today as I’m in the process of getting it up to the Test Server.

Now, there’s a lot of speculation on what’s coming with Update 39.  For myself and Zobek, our money is on Shard of Fear. 

That’s right.  Shard of Fear is coming in Update 39.  I’d put money on it.  You should, too. 

  • Shard of Fear files started appearing in EQ2 root files shortly before Update 38. 
  • Shard of Fear was mentioned at FanFaire as coming “soon (TM)” but that it would not be part of Rise of Kunark.
  • Most importantly, Shard of Fear was mentioned in a recent email to former players as being “unearthed” in “Update 39”.

Well, that last one pretty much removes any doubt, now doesn’t it?

So, what will the Shard of Fear bring?

Well, here’s what we know:

Within the MP3 files, we see a mention of Fright and Dread.  I can only assume this means a return of Cazic’s guardian golems.  No mention of specific music files for Terror, I’m afraid.

Ring of Fire:
Another MP3 indicates a “Ring of Fire”, which I presume will be nostalgic throwback to the Plane of Fear’s wall of fire which separated out the entry part of the zone from Cazic Thule’s pyramid.

Amygaldyan Castle:
Another music file indicates we’ll see a castle for the thulian dreadknights.  I can only imagine this means we’ll see an Unrest style zone, with an outdoor area (hopefully with the foreboding red sky and blood rains) which must be first navigated before entering an indoor section. 

At release, players could find the Fear Gate in an old Epic x3 raid instance within the Feerrot, guarded by hoardes of lizardmen and of course, Alizasaur.

Since then, the gate’s been seen in an old cave within the Feerrot, out past the Temple of Cazic Thule.  Considering many of the creatures around the new gate correspond to many of the old monsters found within the original Plane of Fear, I can only presume this is to be the new entrance.

Supposedly, the “Feerrot” jungle was named this by the ogres of Oggok, because it was the old “fear route” to reach the Plane of Fear. 

  1. zobek says:

    Not to mention – we’re now in October, and wouldn’t it be a nice little coincidence to have Fear make an appearance close to Halloween?

  2. Ogrebears says:

    I have heard people say you can access the zone now on test server from the portal of fear…. (which mean running threw freerroot (sigh)).

    I’m patching my test copy of the game and probably will have screen shots some time this week

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