Weekly Challenge: Review The Commonlands

Posted: September 21, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2

Let’s dive right into this.  As Kytherea has posted over at the Everquest II official forums:

Each week, provided we get community participation in this, one zone from EQII will be selected for review.

We are not looking for just glowing, positive reviews; honesty is what is desired for all zone reviews.  Keep your review constructive and negative reviews will be acceptable.  Your review should be no more then 250 words.  You are welcome to include screen shots as well if you wish.

Ok, this is different.  It’s also so ridiculously simple that I can’t imagine why every studio on the planet isn’t already doing this.  Here we have a studio not just soliciting feedback, but rather encouraging members of the playerbase to write formal reviews of their work. 

I love this idea.  I love this idea so much that we’re going to try to keep up with the idea here at Clockwork Gamer – AND I’m going to challenge other Everquest II writers to do the same.

This week’s zone to review is The Commonlands.  I’m going to specifically call out Average Joe, Ogrebear, Kilianna, and Stargrace to review The Commonlands zone.  Unlike SOE though, I’m not going to limit you to 250 words. 

  1. Grimwell says:

    Hey now! If you guys take the challenge from Ken you need to submit copy to us!

  2. Grimwell says:

    Also let the record state that Kytherea lifted our word count limit. 😛

  3. Kendricke says:

    See, we’re setting trends here.

  4. ogrebears says:

    i did a small one on Antonica and Commonlands a while back. But all my charaters are over 20 now and i don’t want to delete any so i probably won’t go in to much other than i have here.

  5. stargrace says:

    Hrms suppose I could think of something to write >< Thanks for removing the limit /swoons.

  6. AverageJoe says:

    The Commonlands?!?! The freekin’ Commonlands?! I don’t know anything about the commonlands, I’m a Good aligned character! I despise The Commonlands!! No, just kidding.. /back to his homework

  7. kendricke says:

    I’m giving us all till Friday for this review. It’s my challenge to us all.

    If you’d like to get together and work on it, I’ll be available online most nights as Guk.Kendricke. I’d even be willing to fire up a new Test character for the purpose.

  8. […] Mr. Kendricke has sent a challenge .  And as I am about as familar with The Commonlands as I am a women’s….feet   Okie Dokie that was bad I admit it….    But anyhow, I do not back down from a challenge.  So Mr. Kendricke Sir…..touché. […]

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