Deity 101: A Quick Overview of the Deity System of Everquest II

Posted: September 21, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Guides

The gods of Norrath have once again returned to the lands they once ruled over. The first of these deities to return have brought with them various powers and rewards to bestow upon those who choose to follow them.

This guide is considered a very basic introduction to some of the general shared concepts of the deity system. It is intended for new players who are not familiar with Everquest II’s deity system. Later guides in this series will provide more comprehensive overviews of specific deities, deity powers, and guides to helping choose a deity.

Choosing a God:

The returning gods are wary of false worshippers who do not show the proper devotion. Therefore, all of the gods have chosen “prophets” who reside within different areas of the Shattered Lands, who will guide you on a quest to prove your worth to your chosen deity.

Each of the prophets will assign you a series of quests, designed to first create an appropriate altar for your deity, and then to prove your committment to your god.

The Altars:

Once you have an altar, you place it within your home (or any home where you have proper rights). Each altar is specific to one deity. Only followers of a specific deity may pray at His or Her altar.

You can acquire altars through a variety of means, including quests, tradeskilling, and raiding.


Praying at an altar is performed in order to accomplish one of two things: acquiring favor or spending it to gain powers.


Favor is the term used to describe the currency of your faith. In order to obtain favor, you must perform quests for your chosen god, or you must donate offerings at an altar of your god.

Virtually anything you own can be offered at an an altar. You may attempt to offer up food, drink, clothing, armors, weapons, furniture, or whatever you can imagine. Not all items will be considered acceptable to your God, and certain items tend to bring in more favor than others. There’s no harm in trying to offer up an item that you’re not sure will work – so offer up anything you can think of.

Blessings and Miracles:

Favor is spent to purchase blessings and miracles. Every god has access to five blessings and five miracles. However, any particular worshipper may only have one blessing and one miracle at a time.

Before you can purchase blessings or miracles, you must first unlock the ability (by way of questing), and then acquire the amount of favor required to purchase the reward in the first place.

Blessings tend to last longer than miracles, typically having a duration of around 10 minutes for the most part. Blessings also tend to cost far less than corresponding miracles. Most blessings have a one hour recast timer, so they are not intended for common use.

Miracles tend to last only about a minute or less, and have a recast timer of an hour or more. Again, like blessings, miracles are not intended for common use.

All blessings and miracles have limited uses available before requiring repurchasing at an altar.


Each deity has an associated Avatar which will appear on Norrath from time to time. These Avatars are among of the toughest and most highly desired raid targets throughout the lands. Participating in the kill of an Avatar for a god you follow will result in severe (though not long lasting) penalties.

However, simply approaching the Avatar of a deity you currently follow will provide you with a small blessing.

  1. This is an interesting addition that I was not aware of Kendricke, thanks for taking the time to put this up. Now I know I need to keep an eye out for these quests. Is this something that only a seasoned traveler or adventurer will come across or are the quests usually something almost every player will find?

    I just started in EQ2 about 3 weeks ago and the list of things I need to see and do gets longer and longer.

  2. kendricke says:

    Any character can start the quests, but the most powerful abilities can only be picked up by higher level characters.

    In the next few installments of this series, we’ll get into specifics of the various dieties (who they are, what they stand for, and which diety works best for you) and where you can start the quest lines.

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