Forgive the Lack

Posted: September 20, 2007 by Kendricke in Out of Character

Just a quick note:  Zobek and I are up to our necks in projects right now, so content’s been a bit slower this week.  We’ve got a few larger articles in the works awaiting some studio responses, as well as bringing a new writer up to speed. 

We’re working on the new graphics for the site, but have been sidetracked a bit by a hard to contact artiste and our own relative lack of image manipulation skills (oh, we can do it – but it’s by no means easy, quick, nor the result of natural talent).  By the way, if anyone would like to help out with graphics, we’d be interested in hearing from you.

Expect more news and less opinion throughout this week, as news doesn’t require as much thought or effort – just the ability to essentially regurgitate what many of you may have already found out on your own.  Yay, news!

That said, we do have a couple dozen half finished articles we’re working on.  Here’s a selection of some of the titles for some of those incomplete articles that may or may not make the cut:

  • A Mighty Pendulum
  • The Mid-Level Bust!
  • You Are What You Wear!
  • Life in the Fast Lane!
  • Ye Goode Olde Dayes
  • Your Own Personal Private MM-O
  • Meet the Parents
  • Making Up Is Hard To Do
  • The Top 1% of 1%
  1. Xeavn says:

    Cool! Another new writer. I look forward to finding out who it is, and having more fun articles to read.

  2. kendricke says:

    Speaking of which…um…check your email. 😛

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