Attitude Can Be Everything

Posted: September 17, 2007 by zobek in Everquest 2, General Game Concepts

Last night was a big night. As one of my guild’s regular raid nights (and usually one of our best-attended), we went to Deathtoll and cleared the place.

I mean cleared. Every trash mob. Every trap. Every named. Everything.

Tarinax? Down. The Amorphous Drake? Down. Cruor Alluvium? Fitzpitzle? Yitzik the Hurler? Down, down, and down.

Why such a big night? Because we’d never cleared the place before… but more importantly, because we’d never tried to.

Sure, we’ve made changes to our raidforce in the last few weeks. We’ve begun to allow evil classes into the guild, and the last few raids have seen the addition of a necromancer, brigand, defiler, and inquisitor to our ranks. We’ve also begun to use raid-wide voice communication as opposed to strictly text chat. I’ve no doubt that these contributed to our success, but by and large I feel things depended on our willingness to try and the belief that we would win.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Now, I don’t know whether I’ve got that quote exactly right, but the sentiment is the heart of the matter. All too often, we can hinder ourselves by our own expectations. In our case, it had been previous failed attempts at Cruor and the drake leading to a sense that we couldn’t handle them, and thus ignoring them outright.

Even after we’d started taking down Tarinax on a regular basis, we still avoided them – when by all likelihood we had the right gear, spells, skills, and abillity to kill them. From that point until last night, the only thing really holding us back was ourselves.

I see scenarios like this happen again and again. Don’t think you’ve got what it takes to form a group for a quest update you need? I bet you won’t get that update for a while. Got the mindset that you can’t make much money in-game? You’ll probably stay broke.

Success is there if we reach for it, but if we aren’t willing to try or we only make a half-hearted attempt, we’ll never attain it. Mr. Ford, a self-made man if there ever was one, knew this. Instead of focusing on the negative, we should focus on what’s positive and constructive. We must be cognizant of our real limitations, yes, but more aware of when we’re imposing imagined ones on ourselves.

So the next time that niggling little voice pops up in the back of your head, asking “Why bother?” just push it away, saying, “Because I can.” You just might be surprised to find out what you’re capable of.

  1. kendricke says:

    “We are our own worst enemy” is another favorite quote.

    The biggest difference in my mind between high end raid guilds and everyone else isn’t the failures or wipes or repair bills. It isn’t the amount of time willing to be spent on encounters. It isn’t anything to do with gear.

    I think you’ve got it nailed here: it’s attitude.

    Top players know they’ll wipe. They know they’ll die a lot. They know the encounters will be hard while they learn them. Sure they care about it – they care alot. But they stick it out. They keep trying. They go in again and again and again till they get it right, then they keep going in till they get it better.

    Call it determination. Call it grit. Call it what you want. But it boils down to attitude – they stick it out, whatever it takes while everyone else folds.

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