Feel the Burn!

Posted: September 10, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2

There’s an interesting discussion on the Templar forums for Everquest II that involves a player who starts out stating a laundry list of things he dislikes about the Templar class.  He starts out by telling us a bit of background on his situation which he likely feels will show us how he’s qualified to share an opinion on the issues with the class:

Background:  my main is a Dwarf Templar who I started the day this game out.  I’m currently in a raiding guild.  I’m pretty well geared with lots of fabled and Adept 3 and Master spells.I don’t think my main is going to be this toon much longer.  I’m getting up there with my Illusionist and love it.  I have a Fury alt as well and it’s so much more balanced of a class that I just have more fun. 


What this passage actually told me was that he’s probably a little burned out with playing the same class for 3 years, especially when there haven’t been any major changes to the class in most of the past 18 months. 

In short, his problem isn’t really with the Templar class per se.  He’s just burned out with playing the same class. 

I don’t blame him. 

 Wait?  What!?

That’s right.  I don’t blame him for being burned out on playing his Templar.  Of course, I wouldn’t blame him for being burned out on any class he’s been playing virtually every day for 3 years. 

As I said in the discussion, I’m seeing a lot more burnout in the past few months than at any other point in the game – even after Update 13 (which really wasn’t burnout, but more straightline angst).  I think the biggest reason for this is we’ve now gone longer without a new expansion than we have since release. 

Nov 2004:  Release
Feb 2005 (3 months later):  The Bloodlines Chronicles
Jul 2005 (4 months later):  The Splitpaw Saga
Sep 2005 (2 months later):  Desert of Flames
Feb 2006 (5 months later):  Kingdom of Sky
Jun 2006 (3 months later):  The Fallen Dynasty
Nov 2006 (5 months later):  Echoes of Faydwer

My diagnosis?  Players in Everquest II have never gone longer than 5 months without a major expansion release previously.  Yet, here we are 10 months since Echoes of Faydwer, with the most recent high end group dungeon released back 8 months ago in February.  It’s been 18 months since the last level increase, and we still have another 2 months to go before we see the next one. 

Even the new achievements launched with Echoes of Faydwer introduced very little in the way of “new” abilities for us.  Unlike the original Kingdom of Sky cleric achievements, the latest batch only introduced enhancements to our current abilities with only a few notable exceptions.

What this amounts to is that many of us have been playing what amounts to essentially the exact same way for most of the past year and a half – no new spells, and next to no new abilities to speak of. 

So yes, I can imagine da5idblacksun is not the only person playing a class (Templar or otherwise) who feels that his class is a bit … stale right now.

The solution? 

Try a new class.  I LOVE my Templar…but I have nearly 2 dozen characters just because there are days I just want something different. 

There’s a whole store full of different flavors available to players in the Everquest II ice cream shoppe, with a whole mess of different toppings.  Let’s face it, even the best sundae in the world is going to start to grow old after you’ve had it every day for 3 years.

And you know what?  Even if sundaes aren’t cutting it for you right now, you can walk right down the street and try out all sorts of different stores.  Try a different MMO.  Pick up a new shooter.  Hunt the bargin bin at your local PC game store and see if you can’t nab an old classic at a discount. 

This idea that we’re cheating on a game if we try something different out is just silly.  There’s a massive world of gaming out there, and if you’re feeling a bit burned out on a class in one game, change things up.  Try a new alt.  Pick up a new game.  Hell, just switch off your PC and enjoy the waning days of Summer with a new book out by the lake. 

Your online friends will forgive you if you miss a raid or two.  Really.  It’s ok. 
Besides, in another two months, we’ll all be playing the new expansion for far more hours than is probably healthy.  The doldrums will be over again…at least for a while.

Till then, happy…whatever it is you end up doing.

  1. Xeavn says:

    I have to warn you this comment, is a bit of a tangent from the original post, but is related.

    One thing that I have noticed since I started playing MMO’s 4 or 5 years ago, (I started in Planetside) is that single player, offline games no longer measure up. No matter how well done, or how fun they turn out to be, after a short period of time I find myself missing the interaction with other poeple, the shared experiences of facing a challenge with friends. Often times I haven’t even had the chance to meet them in person, but after some fun groups, a bit of time in Vent or on TS hanging out I feel l know them.

    The end result of this is that I can’t typically go longer than a month without playing some sort of MMO. If I decided to leave a game, its almost a guarantee that within a short period of time I will start another MMO. I am not totally sure that I even understand what the draw is, but it is there.

  2. […] Today we salute you, Mr. Gnomish Broker Farmer guy.  Without you, economies would be in limbo.  With your binder full of cheat sheets on historical data for going rates of rares, you clean up on other misfortunes.  Acrylia Cluster on the broker for 12GP…… not today buddy.  Your brokering makes Donald Trump look like Donald Duck.  You surely are… a true Norrathian Man of Genius.Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been working on getting in shape for our rugby season…and I guess to be honest, there really hasn’t been too much going on lately.  Still farming Sanctom of Scaleborn to save up for RoK release.  Other than that, just been taking it easy and awaiting some sort of excitement.  Looking back….it’s really been slowing down lately.  There’s really not much to do.  I mean, I’m on number 100 AA and I’m 70….not really into crafting, so that’s pretty much out.  I’m decked out enough to be able to do basically anything in the game….so no real use of trying to get any upgrades in loot, as I’m just going to have to re equip myself in a couple of months.  So, there’s really nothing to do, but wait.  That’s weird, I haven’t ever been able to say that.  I mean sure, there’s quests to do, but why do them.  I’ll be at 100 AA soon, I don’t need the upgrades from them….why should I go back and waste my time for no reason.  It just wouldn’t be logical to do so.  So I farm, and I farm…  hit a raid on Friday – Sunday for something to do, and then back to farming.   I guess Kendricke’s kinda said it best here .  […]

  3. ogrebears says:

    Ya i aggree. When i played everquest 1 i all ways played the same class, but there was allways a full fledged expansion for the upper levels every 6 month. In everquest 2 i got to the max level on in KOS, had all my aa’s and was starting to get bored raiding.

    I had this thought that i would hate doing the same exact content again because i already knew what was going to happen. But it turns out it was fun, it was a new way of playing some of the content was old, but some of it was new. I now have 2 level 70 characters and i can switch out between them and i’m bored or if the group/raid needs something more than other. I”m currently working on getting a third character to level 70 as well

  4. Mumps says:

    Uggh, I know the feeling. My first toon, Level 70 Templar / 100 AA’s I have been playing for the better part of 3 years, Since EOF came out, I have leveled a Monk to 70 and it has 99.5 AA’s, with out major questlines like Pris 1/2, DT, Claymore & SoD. In the last two weeks when I am not hitting pick up raids with my Monk or Templar I have been playing an Illusionist and it’s up to 42 already and has 30 AA’s. I am sure I will be 70 with my Illusionist before the Expansion comes out.

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