R.A. Salvatore Speaks On Game Design

Posted: August 30, 2007 by Kendricke in 38 Studios, General Game Concepts

Over at GameDailyBiz, R.A. Salvatore has written an article on his thoughts regarding game design, writing, and the evolution of the industry:

I knew my job as a novelist, as I said before. I invite you the reader to adventure along with my characters on some epic quest. In a video game such as the one I’m now working on with 38 Studios, that job changes profoundly, because the most important character in this adventure will be, has to be, the one you, the player, creates. You don’t want me or any other author writing your adventure for you; you want to “write” it yourself, through your adventuring.

It’s a very thought-provoking read, touching on many aspects of storytelling from a multitude of perspectives:  as player, as author, as designer, as reader. 


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