For those of you keeping score…

Posted: August 26, 2007 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

In Legends of Norrath, my new priest deck has lost to Zobek twice now, once to his scout deck and once to his fighter deck.  Tweaking is underway.  We’ll see how that works this week.

So, the shorthand:

Zobek: 2
Kendricke: 0


  1. ogrebears says:

    I have a fighter and a mage deck… i um gave in and bought 7 booster….

  2. zobek says:

    Only 7? Amazing willpower, that…. I just counted up my receipts and I’ve already bought 31. *boggle*

    Seriously, though, when I realize in just two weeks I’ve purchased cards equivalent to 6 months’ of a regular EQ2 subscription, this game has the potential to make SOE a good chunk of change.

  3. kendricke says:

    Between Nayam and I, we’ve bought two starters, a full box of 36 boosters, and another 20 boosters on top of that. Of course, that doesn’t count the starter+2 boosters we each got just to start with…

  4. cyanbane says:

    I think I have bought atleast 15 packs, and actually am having a pretty decently fun time sitting in the trade channel and trading for cards to build my decks. I am playing with 2 different type mage decks and a pretty decent priest deck.

    Very fun game.

  5. Loralor says:

    As an ex-M:tG player, I was pretty happy to see this game combine with EQ2. Yet, family realities will probably mean that I will live on very few boosters.

    Still looking into testing some more. I know I have unused cards still that I need to test out, and I now know that some cards will not make it to my final deck at all! Thanks for the test run yesterday Kendricke, was very enlighting!

  6. kendricke says:

    Nothing beats instant feedback!

    Think back on playing CCG’s at the local card store. Companies like Wizards of the Coast would send out regional reps to hold monthly demos just to get players less intimidated about the games.

    So, sitting down with Zobek or Loralor or whoever – especially when you’ve got voicechat as well – can really help out when learning the game.

  7. Stargrace says:

    You can play across server, so if any fellow bloggers out there are looking for matches, send a /tell antonia_bayle goudia and give me a poke! Granted, I’ve only bought 7 booster packs (so far.. trying to restrain myself until it’s at least out of beta) and I probably really suck, but I’d love to get some blog vs blog matches going *grins*

  8. kendricke says:

    You’re on!

    By the way, the challenge goes both ways. Feel free to prod guk.kendricke into a game tonight!

  9. AverageJoe says:

    OMG!!! I am amazed you guys are buying these packs! Stay Away Stay Away…you’re falling into the trap!!!

    J/k I just cannot bring myself to do this value added emergence… I refuse! I guess I’ll just continue to get my butt kicked

  10. kendricke says:

    I’ve actually discussed setting up a “commons pool” with a few of the officers in my guild. Essentially, we’d set up a voluntary mule account which would just hold onto common cards that have been donated.

    It’s similar to an idea I used with a group of friends whom I played CCG’s with in the mid to late 90’s.

  11. zobek says:

    Major comeuppance tonight – in the final fight of my Fighter deck against Kendricke’s revised Priest deck, I saw the highest combat values to date:

    Kendricke: 32 attack
    Zobek: 12 defense

    And to top it all off, he killed my avatar with tactics…. didn’t even have to win the combat.

    Oh yeah. It hurts.

  12. kendricke says:

    I have to admit. It felt good. I’ve actually got a request in to SOE to let us publish the screenshot of the final move.

    We had a couple of observers watching the match who were in our TeamSpeak channel, so in a lot of ways it was just like watching one of those really good gaming store CCG matches back in the day, where everyone around the table was making “OOOOH” and “WOW” noises during some of the “big” turns.

    I couldn’t believe how fun it was. Honestly, the match literally could have gone either way. I really lucked out.

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