Macrosizing your Macros

Posted: August 9, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Patches

A funny thing happened on the way to the game.  Sometime after Update 37, a quiet little change was made to the way macros work within Everquest 2. 

Previously, players only had access to 5 pages of macros.  Now, we have 10.  That’s right, 50 additional macro slots for macroholics to fill with macros. 

In addition, macros which previously only allowed access to 10 steps are now allowing at least 15 (or more!). This is terribly significant to players who use macros to quickly change entire sets of gear (solo to raid gear; flowing thought to elemental resist gear, etc.).  Whereas before, some full sets might require a couple of buttons to fully change out inventory – this step can now be accomplished with just one button push. 

All too often, players are quick to jump on the “stealth nerfs” that make it past the patch notes.  This time, I thought I’d point out a little stealth bonus that made it in that most players may not have even noticed. 

line1: /cheer
line2: /say This is a good thing.
line3: /target SOE
line4: /thank

  1. Laldail says:

    Aye, my “normal” gear macro contains 19 items and they all work. I know this because I routinely strip while crafting and this macro handily puts everything right back on. So the limit is definitely higher than 19.

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