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Posted: August 7, 2007 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

I had the opportunity to meet a ton of great people at this latest FanFaire.  One particularly great guy is known to the rest of us simply as “Average Joe”. 

If you never read his blog, you’re missing out.  I’ve got it linked on the right, and he’s quickly becoming a must-read from day to day.  He may not always have the most in-depth news articles, but he’s got a sincere, absolutely contagious enthusiasm about him. 

So, I’m advising all eleven of my regular readers to go check him out.  Today.

(I don’t get the rugby reference, either.  Apparently when he’s not geeking it up with the rest of us online, he likes to go into the sun and sweat or something.  And not just any sun…but the TEXAS sun!)

  1. cyanbane says:

    12 readers Kendricke, we send you atleast 1.


  2. Alex says:

    Hi Kendricke, thanks for the love!! Man I had a great time meeting everyone too at Fan Faire. I learned so much about everything. From raid strategies to how to take things to the next level, to even how to be a better influence. I’m so fortunately to have been able to afford to go and it’s great to put faces and names with…..well names. I was overwhelmed and amazed with the number of people there. just wonderful!!

    To kinda answer the unasked question. Texasrugby was originally going to be the main focus of the blog that I did. When I threw in a EQ2 topic and it got linked from a popular Fan Site, I began to have a reader base, a gaming one 🙂 So I left the name and went from there, renaming the blog to Blog of an Average Joe. To be honest, I’m glad I did too. It’s a little confusing and I am sure it seems unrelated, but in my head, it stresses the point to why I blog: To entice people from the opposite extreme to try out gaming. I get a PM from a rugby player every now and then about why a rugby player would play games, and that’s where the pay off is.

  3. Valarious says:

    Ok Cyan, I came over here…where is my $5. 🙂

    It was great to see everyone again. Can’t wait till next year to geek it up again.

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