Posted: July 24, 2007 by Kendricke in Guilds, Out of Character, SOE

I’ll be there.  Will you?

It’s official.  At least a dozen members of the Legion of the White Rose will be at FanFaire.  We’ll even be wearing official Legion of the White Rose gear.  Most of the really good stuff is marked as NO TRADE, but if you have the plat, you can pick up some of our lesser loot from the broker

  1. darrenl says:

    …a thong??

    I’m not asking what you’re wearing 😉

  2. Broomy says:

    Have fun at the Fanfaire Ken, let us know how it really goes 🙂

  3. kendricke says:


    I’ll be wearing the stylish Legion Ringer T and the Legion Standard Dark T. Sorry, no thong.


    I would have loved to have seen you there. Of course I’ll let you know how it really goes, though.

  4. Broomy says:

    I am not a big fan of the EQ2 community, never was, I simply just loved the game too much to leave it until last November. So going to a SOE fanfest would be a waste of my time as I’d as soon wanna smack some fools rather than hang out and go drinking with them. I would have liked to have met you though as your one of the few people in the EQ2 community I respect. Im sure certain people will make it onto a certain flame site with their shenanigans though! lol Have fun and be safe amoungst that rabble.

  5. kendricke says:

    There’s no rabble and I really brook no grudges. I generally find myself amazed to see folks who constantly rail against me on forums, and who go so far as to physically threaten me are often the first people to act completely congenial and friendly at an event like this. I typically offer to buy them a beer. 😉

    Of course, once the FanFaire’s over, I’m sure we’ll see more embarrassing pictures of me on the intrawebs, as well as a few choice comments from folks who have no problem ripping into me from the comforts of their own homes…but who wouldn’t dare say such a thing to my face. Imagine that. 😛

    All in all, I take none of it personally. After nearly a decade online leading my guild and personifying arrogance online, I’d have gone insane long ago if I bothered to start buying into some of the comments made about me online.

    I accept that we’re all gaming geeks. We’re all human. On some level we’re all insecure. And that’s that.

    What could anyone in any gaming community say to possibly change my home life, anyway? I’ve got a girl I’m crazy about, a good circle of friends, some strong family ties, a great guild, and a couple of jobs I love. Unless something someone says can affect any of those in a negative fashion, then it’s just words.

    -Still wish you had decided to go, though. You could have hung out with the Legion and had a great time with it.

  6. Broomy says:

    Ken, I’m not talking about grudges and like you, there is nothing in my personal life that anyone can change or belittle. So dont let my little “smack” comment give you the impression I take any of it personally. I let many insults, slights and slander roll off my back and kept going. When I tired of the game I simply left and tried some others. I am talking about the community in the most general sense and the certain elements that I found distasteful in it. I can only best compare it to the time when my family went down south to visit my brother-in-laws relatives. Interesting place, beautiful climate, but the people…I wouldn’t want to live there or go back, mainly due to them. Many say the same of certain european countries. Beautiful places, but the people need to leave! lol Of course this isnt the whole community, I made many friends there, most of which left the game long ago siting similar and other reasons. One day Ill shoot you an email with how those impressions were formed. Or perhaps post them on my own blog. But again, have fun.

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