38 Meets with Microsoft?

Posted: June 25, 2007 by Kendricke in 38 Studios, The Gaming Industry

Per Curt Schilling at 38 Pitches:

Had a great meeting with Microsoft this morning as well. 38 Studios is rapidly picking up steam and things are moving much faster on some fronts than we ever anticipated. Stay tuned for news there as well.

At this point, there’s no confirmation on what the meeting was about, so I’ll withhold speculations for the time being. 

  1. ogrebear says:

    Well i think most game companies might meat with Microsoft to talk about DX stuff. But you know they could be shopping around for a publisher, and you know Microsoft has butt loads of money to throw around.

  2. cyanbane says:

    Maybe it will be another “rousing” vista success story.

    /sarcasm off

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